OPINION: On Earth Day 2022, here's how individuals and businesses can start investing in our planet for a sustainable future

OPINION: On Earth Day 2022, here's how individuals and businesses can start investing in our planet for a sustainable future
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As the world continues to battle issues like overpopulation, scarcity of resources, climate change and global warming, the theme for this year’s World Earth Day — ‘Invest in our planet’— comes as no surprise.

We've now realised and witnessed the consequences of our actions on ecosystems, and this impact has unquestionably highlighted the importance of mindful and environmentally friendly behaviour. Simple efforts like 'Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.', using less plastic, and following a vegetarian diet can help the environment, but making green financial decisions can make even more substantial contributions to the cause.

This year, World Earth Day comes with a reminder to take charge and urgently unite citizens, governments and businesses to consistently strive for the betterment of our planet and deal with its greatest threat: climate change.

Environmentally-conscious in businesses

Some of us may dispute the need for businesses to become environmentally friendly, believing that individual action alone can make a significant difference. However, a conscientious and environmentally sustainable approach should be followed in all aspects of life, including the home, office and public spaces. Unless businesses, too, start acting immediately, climate change will continue to harm economies, create scarcity of resources, drain earnings and lower job possibilities.

Sustainable company policies, stock prices and corporate performances have all been shown to have a direct relationship with each other. And companies that adopt strong Environment Social Governance (ESG) standards have higher profits, stronger financials, happier employees, and more stable stock performance. We don't have the option of going green or making money in today's world. Sustainability has been demonstrated to be the go-to way to prosperity and long-term profitability time and again, and thus, the two must go hand in hand.


The government must also encourage citizens, companies and institutions to invest in a more resilient future by promoting green business practices as not only an ethical, but also a profitable alternative. Governments that accept and encourage the use of green technologies not only set a good example, but also raise awareness of the need for sustainability in the economy.

Individuals contributions to sustainability

Meanwhile, individuals can support the government and industry in green endeavours in a variety of ways.

You can, for example, support and promote eco-conscious companies, disconnect from unsustainable investments and large banks, move your money to an ethical investing portfolio and an ethical bank, and utilise your career or abilities to invent and support ideas that will help to combat the climate issue. It's also critical for the government to invest in and encourage climate education so that people understand the value of a healthy environment, develop green innovations and find long-term climate change solutions.

As consumers, we have the power to influence businesses and technologies. Businesses will respond with more eco-friendly options and fewer detrimental ones if we invest in sustainable or green technologies and products. To influence the market, educating ourselves and choosing sustainable alternatives are a must.

Investing in the planet also entails leading a sustainable lifestyle — one that considers all of our behaviours as well as the subsequent on biodiversity, the environment, and the planet. Going digital, speaking out against deforestation, assessing your carbon footprint and foodprint, limiting your plastic usage, composting, and supporting organic products are just a few examples of how each of us can alter our day-to-day habits to make a significant difference in government policies. When we take a strong stance in favour of environmentally-friendly choices and lifestyles, we are urging the government to take strong action against those who mean harm to the environment.

Investing in our planet should be viewed as an investment in our future. While we pay attention to our habits and make changes in our lifestyles, we must also remember that our decisions can influence companies and the government to introduce more green activities. Supporting organisations and initiatives that aim to restore the environment is another excellent approach to investing in our planet. At Grow-Trees.com, we encourage individuals to invest in our planet for as little as Rs 85 per tree. These trees can be used to greet friends and family while also serving as an investment in a healthier and greener future.

A catastrophe can serve as a springboard for change. The current climate calamity necessitates a complete paradigm shift. Businesses that are adopting urgent climate action are paving the way. Let's not forget that sustainable businesses contribute to healthier communities as well as wealthier shareholders, as the stock market is currently displaying.

Supriya Patil is an environmental expert with a Master’s in Environmental Science. She forged her journey with Grow-Trees.com with an indisputable passion to work towards simplifying the notion of man-animal cohabitation. With the Trees+ concept, she has pioneered a number of innovative tree plantation initiatives that benefit biodiversity as well as socio-environmental systems.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed are of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Business Insider India. The article was originally published in The Weather Channel.

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