Watching Jim Carrey in The Shining makes deepfake technology scarier than it already is

Watching Jim Carrey in The Shining makes deepfake technology scarier than it already is
Jim Carrey makes an appearance in The Shining, thanks to deepfake technology that anyone can useYouTube/Ctrl Shift Face


  • A user on YouTube has been switching out the lead actors in classic movies like using deepfake technology.
  • His videos include Sylvestor Stallone replacing Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2 and Jimmy Carry switching out Jack Nicholson in The Shining.
  • Going by 'Ctrl Shift Face', the creator of these videos believes that deepfakes are 'windows into parallel universes'.
Everyone's seen at least one movie where they were thinking, "What if so-and-so actor had played the lead instead?" and with deepfake technology breaking barriers, you might be able to find out.

A YouTube user who goes by 'ctrl shift face' has been using deepfake technology to alter classic movies like Terminator 2, Fight Club and The Shining. In one video, Terminator learns how to smile, Arnold Schwarzenegger is switched out with Syvester Stallone.
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And, Jim Carrey looks particularly creepy replacing Jack Nicholson's character in The Shining in the four episodes highlighting some of the best scenes from the movie.


While watching your favorite actors bring movies they've never actually starred in to life might be fascinating, the fact that it be done so convincingly presents certain risks.

The ease with which the software can be used can lead to viral videos circulated by cybercriminals to deliver malware or phishing attacks.

Even shallow deepfakes — low-tech deepfake videos — targeting politicians like the US President, Donald Trump, have already proven to be an effective source of misinformation.

Fighting AI with AI

Sometimes the problem can also be the solution.

Deepfakes is a type of technology that use artificial intelligence (AI) to alter videos. There are two facets to it. One, the 'generator', creates the fake video clip and and two, the 'discriminator', determines whether the clip is real or fake. Together they form the Generative Adversarial Network (GAN).

According to Deloitte's State of AI Enterprise 2018 Report, where deepfakes use AI to create falsehoods, AI can also be used to unmask such videos.

Paul Silverglate, Deloitte & Touche LLP's Advisory leader for Technology, Media and Telecommunication states, "Similar to how venom is used to produce an anti-venom, AI can be used to combat the misuse of AI."

IBM Watson Studio is already helping its clients set up models to guard against the threat of deepfakes but most companies are currently tight lipped about how their technology works

Parallel universes

Ctrl shift face describes deepfakes as 'windows into parallel universes' and uses an open source tool called DeepFaceLab to create his videos. Amateurs can also download FakeApp for Android to create deepfakes straight from their phones.

Despite his skill, he has no desire to unveil his true name.

Ctrl shift face told Digital Trends, that he doesn't exactly understand how the software works, but as long as you have the videos required — the neural network will take care of the rest. There may be some maintenance along the way and some post processing at the end, but it's a fairly straightforward process if you know even the basics.

While ctrl shift face's skills are to be lauded, it also brings out a scenario where just about anyone can create realistic videos that aren't all that real — artificial intelligence (AI) is getting easier for non-experts to use.

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