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Tata Sky Tells A New Love Story, Which Unfolds Everyday!

Tata Sky Tells A New Love Story, Which Unfolds Everyday!
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Since 2014, the DTH category has begun focusing on small towns and villages in India, and these are markets where the demand for bite-size consumption exists. Tata Sky, a DTH service provider in India has introduced the 'Daily Recharge,' voucher empowering subscribers to pay only for the days they watched TV. This concept allows a minimum recharge value starting at Rs.8/-, making it the smallest denomination of recharge voucher in the television viewing sector globally.

Available as a scratch coupon, the recharge is also available in higher denominations of Rs. 10, 20, 50 and 100 and will be effective for a maximum of 24 hours, midnight-to-midnight. These cards will be available even at general stores and small kiosks, including grocery (kirana) stores, across the country.

For such a unique product the campaign also had to be innovative. What the company had to achieve was a behavioral shift, hence they went beyond the 30 second format of TV advertising as it would have left the consumers with a new piece of information but would have failed at engaging them. The challenge here was to amplify the everyday usage of the brand and thus the benefits associated with it.

Tata Sky, along with its agency Ogilvy & Mather India launched this product with a unique love story that promotes everyday usage in an interesting manner. The promise: "Daily milenge toh pyaar to hoga hi" is a simple expression of the product benefit and the brand promise.
To further reinforce daily usage, the campaign evolves over multiple episodes. Set in a small town in Kashmir, the multiple episodes slowly unravels how the product works and intelligently amplifies the benefits of Daily Recharge, through Mannu (Prit Kamani) and Neelu (Himani Sisodiya) the protagonists of the love story.

Speaking about the idea behind the campaign, Sukesh Nayak, Executive Creative Director, O&M Advertising, says, "The product was innovative so the creative idea had to be innovative. For daily recharge we came up with an idea of daily love story. Every day the love story unfolds itself with a new film on national television. With a product so innovative and communication so unique it is just a matter of time before these consumers fall in love with Tata Sky."

The campaign, which is launched during the IPL, also has a strong interactive leg to it. The boy and girl update their social profiles on daily basis as the story unfolds. Besides, people also end up helping the boy decide what to do next every single day, through the Daily Dillagi contest, which is inviting contestants to take part and help out Mannu make his moves in getting the love of his life and stand a chance to win a Tata Sky connection.

Malay Dikshit, Chief Communications Officer, Tata Sky, says, "For the first time, we have advertised during the IPL as it provides the continuity needed by the daily format of this campaign. The brand needed to reach out and communicate to a set of audience that are spread across various geographies of the country and still have an affinity with the existing subscribers. O&M has beautifully brought alive this journey with the help of this addictive love story."

Daily Boost
With the understanding that there is a demand in smaller towns and villages for bite sized consumption (much like shampoo sachets and small sized mobile recharges), the 'Daily Recharge' card enables Tata Sky to make inroads into these untapped markets. Moreover, with digitization phase III still a year away, this plan should help accelerate acceptance of DTH sector in India.

This innovation by Tata Sky puts the subscriber in control of his/her TV viewing expenses. There are a substantial number of subscribers who pay a monthly charge, but for some reason or another are unable to view TV on a daily basis. Tata Sky's Daily recharge now enables them to now choose when to pay for their TV viewing.

This consumer today in most regions still perceives the DTH category as premium and expensive, as compared to the local cable. Tata Sky's Daily recharge in this case tackles this barrier by providing an entry to the world of quality television viewing at a price lesser than any MSO or DTH player in the world. Not only in small towns and villages, also the urban metros, Daily Recharge will become a huge incentive for consumers to shift from Analog to digital, thereby adding to the cause of digitization.

Besides, for a large part of the population can plan and recharge their set top boxes on days when electricity is available, or when they are back from vacation. Similarly, they can decide on days when not to recharge for example during exam days or when travelling away from home.

Currently, the total DTH subscription base in India is 6.2 crore across all six operators. Tata Sky's share currently stands at 1.4 crore subscribers. Tata Sky is trying to penetrate the rural areas with improper electricity supply where the DTH subscriber is forced to pay monthly subscription without availing the service. The Rs. 8 recharge scheme will enable them to avail of bite-size usage, with convenience and value for money.