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Best energy efficient 5-star ceiling fans to buy

A ceiling fan is a key part of any household. Thanks to modern technology, ceiling fans these days are highly efficient and effective at what they do. With energy conserving motors, and many internal technologies, modern fans can help you cut down on operational costs, especially in the long run. This is especially true for ceiling fans with 5-star ratings, which are designed to help save electricity. Here are some of the best energy efficient 5-star ceiling fans that reduce electricity bills.

Candes Lynx 5-Star Ceiling FanOne of the most stylish fans on the market right now, it is effective and efficient at the task. The fan works as expected with all kinds of false ceilings, electric power outlets and is easy to set up. The fan has an anti-dust coating, meaning no more cleaning. It has 600mm fan blades, which are long enough to dispel air all across the room. It has a 5 star efficiency rating that cuts down on costs.It offers great functionality and has unique look.

Havells Efficiencia Neo 1200mm Ceiling FanSay goodbye to heavy electricity bills with this Havells fan. It has a BLDC motor, one designed to allow for more efficient performance. The motor is as fast as any other, and makes for good airflow all across the room. The fan is remote controlled, and has a light attached to it, which acts as a nifty night light. The fan is rated at 5-stars, meaning it is designed to help you reduce operational costs.This is a stylish ceiling fan which also happens to be very energy efficient.

Crompton Energion 5-Star Ceiling FanAn efficient and stylish fan, this one is sure to improve the airflow in your room and help you cool down during sultry summer days. It sports a 5 star energy efficiency rating, thanks to the BLDC motor, which generates less heat, and requires less energy to work off of. The fan has a speed of 370 rpm, good enough for medium and slightly larger rooms. The fan comes with a remote control as well, which has buttons for choosing a fan speed, as well as dedicated timer buttons, which let you schedule the fan operationThe fan can automatically switch off after a set duration, which is quite handy.

Atomberg Efficio 5-Star Ceiling FanAdding not just air circulation to your room, but also a new light, this fan has large blades for optimal area coverage, and for airflow at all corners of the room. It has a bright white LED light at the centre, which can be handy as a nightlight or an easy to turn on light source. It can be remotely operated, along with the fan itself. The remote opens up the possibility of setting timers for the fan, and naturally, for controlling the speed itself. There are brightness modes as well.The fan works well even in those hot days, as it has good airflow.
ACTIVA 1200mm 5-Star Ceiling FanA sleek looking fan, this is built for modern Indian homes. It is noiseless, high speed and efficient. It operates at a high speed which offers ample airflow. The fan sports an efficient motor, which uses magnets rather than electromagnets, which are efficient and help cut down on operating costs. It has a 5-star rating for efficiency.It rotates fast, adding efficiency to operation as well as energy consumption.
ZENTAX 5-Star Ceiling FanA high efficiency, 5 star rated ceiling fan, this offering from Zentax is an ideal upgrade to your current cooling setup. The fan has an appealing design, which means you can place it in living and drawing rooms, without worrying about the aesthetics. The fan has a top speed of 365 rpm, making for wide air circulation and ample airflow. Incidentally, you can also make the most of the included remote control, which lets you change fan speed, and operate it from anywhere in the room.Suitable to cool down rooms and deliver airflow across all sides of a room, it provides efficiency.