Best graphic tablet under ₹2000

Best graphic tablet under ₹2000
For most PC users, the mouse and touchpad remain the favourite input devices but there are more choices as well. If you like scribbling on tablets using a stylus pen, buying the right graphic tablet is the solution. These digital accessories are ideal for those who like graphic design. You need not spend a whopping amount to buy these devices and can get one at a range of under ₹2000 only. It may take some time to make the switchover from the experience of using a mouse and touchpad to scribbling on a touch-sensitive surface with a pen. While looking for the best graphic tablet, you have to analyze factors like dimensions, device and OS compatibility, build quality etc. We have assessed the best graphic tablets under ₹2000 to ensure picking the right one becomes easier for you.

How do we research
Our ranking criteria

When curating a list of the best graphic tablets, we consider the features, specifications, design and functionality of each tablet. We look for a tablet that is easy to use and carry. We consider compatibility, connectivity, pen type and resolution as the main factors. Apart from these, we also consider user ratings and reviews.

Things to look for while buying
When buying a graphic tablet, there are certain factors and features that one should consider. Choosing the right tablet according to your requirement and budget is important. One must look for the specifications and features like connectivity, compatibility, brightness levels, pen-pressure sensitivity, controls, pen type and more.
Graphic tabletFeaturesConnectivityLink
Wacom One by Digital Drawing Graphics Pen TabletPressure-sensitive penUSBBuy On
Huion H420 Drawing Graphic Tablet Three express keysUSBBuy On
DOGOU LED A5 Graphic Tablet Light PadAdjustable brightnessUSBBuy On
Honeytecs A5 LED Light PadEye protectionUSBBuy On
Layfuz LED A5 Graphic Tablet Light PadCompact designUSBBuy On
Negaor LED A5 Graphic Tablet Light PadLight padUSBBuy On

Wacom One CTL-472

Best graphic tablet under ₹2000
The Wacom One by CTL-472/K0-CX is not priced below ₹2000 but you can still consider it for your digital drawing and designing needs. This is certainly one of the stylish-looking compact graphic tablets within a budget. The red and black body looks sleek and the durability is decent. This device weighs just 250 grams. The provided pen is pressure sensitive and supports 2048 pressure levels. You will not need any battery to use the cordless and ergonomically designed pen, which is bliss. The device supports PCs running Windows 7 and later editions and MAC OS X 10.10 and later versions. It draws power through a micro-USB port and you get replacement nibs for the pen in the pack.

Huion H420 Drawing Graphic Tablet

Best graphic tablet under ₹2000
If you want a budget graphic tablet for your windows PC or Macbook, try the Huion H420. The black, portable graphic tablet ships with a digital pen. The tablet connects to Mac and Windows PCs with a USB interface. You can use the device with many popular Windows illustrations, Office productivity and designing programs like MS Word, Photoshop, and OneNote. The pen is lightweight and it draws power from an AAA battery. Its pen supports 2048 pressure levels and has 2 customizable express keys while the device itself has 3 such keys. The device supports PCs with Windows 7 and later versions and Macintosh OS 10.8 or later. You get a 1-year warranty on the device and it weighs less than 150 grams. You will find 4 pen nibs and a pen clip in the pack. Considering its features and performance, the Huion H420 can be considered a good contender for the best graphic tablet under ₹2000 .

DOGOU LED A5 Graphic Tablet

Best graphic tablet under ₹2000
When you are on the lookout for the best graphic tablet under ₹2000, checking out the DOGOU LED A5 Graphic Tablet will be prudent. This A5 size, compact and lightweight device can be used under varying lighting setups with ease. It makes for a superb digital painting accessory. It has a durable flicker-free Acrylic Panel that is not harsh on your eyes. You get physical buttons to adjust the screen brightness level. The device draws power through a USB cable, which ensures you can charge it using many devices and sources. The device can be carried anywhere and you can draw or sketch outdoors too.

Honeytecs A5 LED Light Pad

Best graphic tablet under ₹2000
This is a pocket-friendly and lightweight graphic tablet that can be used in standalone mode. Its LED surface is ideal for those into designing, animation, and illustration. The surface does not exude harsh light and it is flicker-free. So, you can indulge in digital drawing for hours without the woes of starting your eyes. You can also insert eye protection film atop the surface. The device comes with a handy dimming control. The nice thing is the device remembers the brightness levels set by the users and resumes from the last set level when it is powered on. It draws powder through a USB cable and so you can juice up the device from your laptop, power bank, or any device with a USB port. It weighs less than 200 grams and so carrying the device is easy.

Layfuz LED A5 Graphic Tablet

Best graphic tablet under ₹2000
Are you on the lookout for a standalone type graphic tablet that is compact and hardy? Try the Layfuz LED A5 Graphic Tablet and you will not be disappointed. It has a flicker-free and eye-friendly LED light pad with adjustable brightness levels. So, you can set the brightness as per the need and ambient lighting. It comes with a 2m USB cable. Charging the device is therefore simple and you can power it up using your power bank or laptop easily. At 212 grams, it is quite light. This graphic tablet can also be used for digital tracing.

Negaor LED A5 Graphic Tablet

Best graphic tablet under ₹2000
This graphic tablet from Negaor is a superb digital painting accessory. The device comes with a durable non-flicking panel with adjustable three-level brightness. You get dedicated buttons to adjust the brightness. The USB cable is handy for charging the device using any laptop or power bank. Apart from using the device for making digital sketches, you can use it for tracing needs. Its compact A5 dimension and light weight make it ideal for use on the move.

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