Best portable photo studios in India

Best portable photo studios in India
Product photography can often be quite challenging. If you are not ready with the right requirements, you may not be able to do justice to the clients, which is why you need to step up your game and invest in a portable photo studio for this very purpose. A portable photo studio or a lightbox makes it easy to click professional-looking shots of products, even on the go. These boxes are highly convenient and can be whipped out whenever you feel like it, so here are some of the best photo studios for product photography.

Foldio 2 Plus Portable Photo Studio Shooting Tent Lighting Box

Best portable photo studios in India
This is one of the best photo lightboxes for professional use. It has a dimmable triple LED lighting system which lets you control the high performance built-in diffuser LED located on the top of the box easily by the dimming controller. This lets you find your optimal brightness settings, and lets you get creative with the shots you take. What’s neat is that there’s a detachable magnetic top cover which makes for on-the-go flat-lays and decreases the light losses. It offers ample light diffusion and even light bounce, which makes for really good looking product shoots.

Smiledrive Portable Professional Photo Lighting Booth Box

Best portable photo studios in India
This photo booth box is the most reliable kit. With a reading of 1000 in LUX meter, it is the highest in the class and comes with super powerful and bright LED lights which make products look great in pictures. The LED lights can be magnetically attached or removed according to the user’s requirements. You can shoot mobiles, earphones, small handbags, clutches, jewellery and other products with 36x36 cm dimensions. It is easy to assemble, use and lets you get good looking photos in a jiffy.

Osaka Portable Photo Studio

Best portable photo studios in India
Here’s a versatile photo booth. It offers flexible shooting angles, along with multiple opening and closing ways enabling the camera to fix on any photo shooting position. There’s a professional particulate silver film reflective fabric inside which diffuses light evenly to avoid vignettes. The brightness adjusting rotary knob adjusts brightness easily. The aluminium shell light plate has good heat dissipation and high life expectancy, making it ideal for long term use. Comes with a foldable design so you have a photo studio of your own wherever you are.

Mobestech Portable Photography Studio Mini Folding Photo Lightbox

Best portable photo studios in India
The mini, portable size, along with bright and natural LED light leads to better results in photography quality and efficiency. It also lends a professional look to the finished pictures. In addition, 6 extra backdrops are included for better internal modelling, and you can get pretty creative with the backdrops. Despite that, the booth manages to be quite portable. It has 20 internal LED lights which can be adjusted as per your liking and the requirements. It helps create bright and natural light to minimize the contrast between shades and hot spots. Comes with multiple backdrops which can be swapped to your liking.

House Of Quirk Photo Box Photo Studio Light Box

Best portable photo studios in India
Looking for something that’s hassle-free? This is a photo box with good quality and easy installation. It has a standard colour temperature of 5500K to make the photo colour pop out and exactly to your liking. It also makes for very easy shooting- you simply press the switch to turn on the steady, soft built-in illuminant, which doesn’t need to be adjusted. The best part is the portability. Not just that, it is also very easy to maintain, making it a good pick for first-time users of lightboxes. Large photo studio that also happens to be portable and great for larger products such as vases, laptops and more.

Verilux Portable Ring Light Photo Studio Light Box

Best portable photo studios in India
Assemble your own photo studio anywhere in minutes, as this photo studio lightbox is very portable and easy to make use of. It is designed for small objects and for use by photography enthusiasts, artisans, artists, online sellers and product advertisers. You can quickly and easily photograph small products, such as jewellery, accessories, toys, watches, gadgets, and other items and upload them to your online followers. At the same time, you can also shoot from multiple angles, from the top, front and side of the photography lightbox. Multiple shooting angles give you freedom to get the shots you want.

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