Best smartwatch under ₹1,000 in India

Best smartwatch under ₹1,000 in India
The best smartwatches under ₹1000 are ideal in today’s fast-paced world, something that can help us keep up with our fitness needs and make life more convenient. How annoying can it get to answer some phone call while you’re driving without knowing who you’re talking to? Or having to wear a fitness band while working out and then switching to normal watches after. Smartwatches are devices that accommodate all your needs in one place. You get notifications right there on the display, you can choose from a variety of sports modes, depending on the fitness activity you’re engaged in, and these smartphones charge quickly as well.

They also keep track of factors such as SpO2 levels, heart rate, Blood Pressure, sleep, etc. Once you switch to smartwatches, using regular analog watches can feel incomplete because a smartwatch displays so much more than just time, date, and day. Buying a good budget smartwatch doesn’t have to be difficult, so below are listed some smartwatches under ₹1000 from Amazon.

How we do our research
Our ranking criteria

While creating a guide for the best smartwatch under ₹1000, we consider the features, design and specifications of each smartwatch. We consider the battery life, screen size, compatibility and more to help you make a worthy decision.

Things to look for while buying
When purchasing a smartwatch, one must consider the design and strap type. One should look for a smartwatch that has a health tracker and is easy to operate. The features that one must look for in a smartwatch are a large display for easy viewing, comfortable fit, accurate readings, easy connectivity, good sync, waterproof design and more. Also, one must look for the price, user ratings and reviews.

Features compared
SmartwatchFeaturesScreen SizeProduct link
MI ID-116Long battery life1.4-inchBuy On
Zebronics ZEB-FIT280CHHeart rate monitor, SpO2 monitor1.39-inchBuy On
SK Homemakers D-18IP67 rated for dust and water resistance0.96-inchBuy On
Tokdis MX-1 ProIn-built music system1.69-inchBuy On
M2 BluetoothUnique bracelet charging method1.3-inchBuy On
B M C BluetoothSIM card support1.5-inchBuy On
OLICOM M1 Smart WatchHeart Rate and spo2 Monitor1.33-inchBuy On
Fusion T500 Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Monitor for Men & Women, Bluetooth Calling, Sleep Monitor, Oxygen MonitorNABuy On

MI Smartwatch

Best smartwatch under ₹1,000 in India
This smartwatch has a 1.4” HD display and comes along with some amazing features, it has Bluetooth connectivity. Through ‘VeryFitPro’ app connectivity you can access your social media notifications on your phone and make life easier. The smartwatch is a perfect match for you because it also acts as a fitband. It has nine different exercise modes so that you can switch to any workout easily. This watch is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about it if you go for a swim either. This touchscreen display tracks your health and helps you reach your fitness goal in various ways. It has sleep tracking, and steps count and remind you to relax from time to time. The watch features amazing battery life and supports seven days of usage with 35 days of standby time.

Zebronics ZEB-FIT280CH Smartwatch

Best smartwatch under ₹1,000 in India
This watch has a 1.39-inch display and comes in black and red colours. It’s compatible with iOS and Android systems allowing users to connect the watch with their phones through the ZEB-FIT 20 Series application. This budget watch is suitable for fitness enthusiasts as it can track SpO2 levels, steps taken, and heart rate. It also helps you monitor your calorie intake and takes care of your holistic health by tracking your sleep. It has unique features such as meditative breathing, sedentary reminder, and music control. This waterproof watch has 12 built-in sports modes like cycling, running, and walking so you can take this watch with you whenever you’re performing these activities. With eight days of battery life, never miss a notification or call with this watch that fits your budget.

SK Homemakers D-18 Smartwatch

Best smartwatch under ₹1,000 in India
This budget smartwatch comes with a 0.96-inch OLED display and comes with an extensive list of features making it suitable for fitness enthusiasts as well as casual wearers. The SK Homemakers D-18 smartwatch can track calories burned, distance covered, heart rate, SpO2 level, and the number of steps taken. Users can sync the smartwatch with their smartphones to get call and message notifications on the watch itself. Users can answer/deny calls, open messages, and access apps like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter through the watch. Its 80mAh battery lasts for a long time and it can be recharged by plugging the phone into a charger or laptop through a USB cable.It’s IP67 rated so the watch is completely protected against water, dust, and other pollutants that can damage it. Note that this watch will only work after installing the fitness band application from the Google PlayStore. The watch features a NOTENO calling feature that lets users receive notifications to see calls & messages on their wrists.

Tokdis MX-1 Pro Smartwatch

Best smartwatch under ₹1,000 in India
The Tokdis MX-1 Pro features a 1.69-inch full-touch display and is available in a variety of colours like Sky Blue, maroon, and grey, etc. Users will find that this smartphone is packed with amazing features like a heart rate monitor, a SpO2 monitor, sleep tracking, and more. Its multiple sports modes like running, walking, cycling, skipping, yoga, and sit ups will help users stay fit by tracking the number of calories they burn in a session. This smartwatch is extremely user-friendly and has a long battery life (24 hours with Bluetooth calling and 5 days without). The in-built music system in this watch keeps track of your favourite music so you can listen to music hand-free. Weather forecasts, an alarm and a remote control camera can be accessed via this smartwatch, along with apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.

M2 Bluetooth Smartwatch

Best smartwatch under ₹1,000 in India
The M2 Bluetooth smartwatch features a 1.3-inch IPS display which clearly shows the smartwatch’s various features like heart rate, SpO2 levels, and more. Like most smartwatches on this list, this one too has features that will appeal to fitness enthusiasts. The M2 Bluetooth smartwatch comes with an advanced optical led green light sensor and an intelligent heart rate algorithm for accurate measurement of heart rate. The watch will also track calories, steps, and distance travelled by the user. Something that is unique to this watch is that it features a bracelet charging method. The watch has a quick-release detachable wristband that can be charged in the USB interface for better convenience, thus eliminating the need for a charging cable or charging stand. Users can connect the smartwatch to their smartphones via an app and get notifications, answer/end calls and more.

BMC Bluetooth smartwatch

Best smartwatch under ₹1,000 in India
The BMC Bluetooth smartwatch features a brushed metallic body and a 1.5-inch LCD display that clearly shows different icons. After connecting the smartwatch to an Android phone, users can access different apps like Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Facebook. Navigating through music is also easier once you connect the watch to an Android smartphone. This smartwatch also comes with SIM card support so users can make calls directly through the watch. This watch is equipped with a Sleep Monitor, Pedometer and a Sedentary Reminder as well. It tracks various fitness activities like running, walking, and more. This smartwatch also has a camera that enables photo and video capture.

OLICOM M1 Smart Watch

Best smartwatch under ₹1,000 in India
The OLICOM M1 Smart Watch is a versatile and affordable smartwatch that offers a range of features for fitness enthusiasts and busy professionals alike. Its sleek and stylish design, combined with its long battery life and durable construction, make it a popular choice among consumers. It features an advanced heart rate monitor that tracks your heart rate in real-time, as well as a step counter, calorie tracker, and sleep monitor. This makes it an ideal companion for those who are looking to improve their fitness and overall health.

Fusion T500

Best smartwatch under ₹1,000 in India
This is another affordable smartwatch on our list that features different features such as a heart rate monitor, oxygen monitor, pedometer and sleep monitor. Besides this, you also get an AMOLED display, which is pleasing to the eye. Currently, you can buy this smartwatch for just ₹701, down from its original price of ₹2,999. Other than this, by using selected bank cards you can avail additional discounts.

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