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Best spike guards for home use in India

When at home, certain areas require more power sockets than others. These could be studios, home offices, gaming centres or entertainment spaces located at your place. These devices need to be protected from occasional power surges and voltage fluctuations. TVs, computers, gaming consoles, mobile phone chargers, and other home appliances are prone to damage when constantly plugged into wall sockets. Give more life to your appliances by opting for spike strips that protect against power fluctuations.

Anchor by Panasonic 6A Spike Guard 4-Way Universal SocketThis universal spike guard is a great pick for home or office spaces. It has 4 plug points, along with 4 LED lights that indicate the status of your spike guard. It can alert you when something goes wrong, and even has a fuse indicator which makes things a lot easier. The fuse is easily replaceable from the top panel of the device. It also has an included ON/OFF switch which makes for ease of use. It also has universal sockets.An exchangeable fuse, an LED light and a master switch make it very convenient for use in the home environment.

GM 3060 E-Book 4+1 Power Strip with Master SwitchHere’s a value for a money power strip. It comes with 4 international power sockets and a master switch to keep your appliances safe. It features a built-in safety shutter with thermal trip technology. This helps protect your various appliances against voltage fluctuations. The spike guard comes with flame protection for reduced flammability. There’s an LED that lets you know the power status for the power strip.The in built fuse keeps appliances safe from power fluctuations. It has a thermal tripper to protect against surges.

Belkin Essential Series 4-Socket Surge ProtectorGet optimal surge protection with this 4-socket spike guard which can handle a maximum current of up to 6500 Amps. It offers grounding of AC power with 3-line protection through all 4 sockets. It is very convenient to use and has a cable length of 1.5-meter. It has a response time of less than 1 nanometer, making it a highly effective surge protector.It has along-lasting cable.

Bajaj 220V 4-Way Spike and Surge GuardThis spike guard from Bajaj comes with an inbuilt fuse that protects connected devices from damage in case of power sudden surges. It is a must-have for use with computers, computer peripherals, gaming consoles, TVs and other important home devices. It has 4 plug points for powering various appliances at once, safely and securely. It is capable of carrying 6A current and 1500VA load safely.It has a master switch and 4 plug points. It has an operating voltage of 220V.

Goldmedal Curve Plus 205101 Plastic 240 i-Strip LED Spike GuardThe strip combines 6 power outlets and safely channels voltage. The power strip comes with a surge protector to protect your devices from any spikes and surges in power. This keeps your devices safe from any abnormal power conditions. Not just that, there’s also a nifty side glow LED, which lets you know the status of your power strip.Best build quality, LED light strip, and a total of 6 plug points for all appliances.