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Best vacuum cleaners with high capacity dust tank in India

These days, vacuum cleaners come with high capacity dust tanks. The benefit of this is that you needn’t clear out the tank after frequent cleaning cycles. In fact, many of the offerings on this list come with more than 20 litres of capacity, which is great, and can last long without having to empty out the dust canister. These vacuum cleaners are aplenty, and picking one up can be a bit of a task, so here are some of the best vacuum cleaners with high capacity dust tanks.

AMERICAN MICRONIC - AMI-VCD21-1600WDx- 21 Litre Stainless Steel Wet & Dry Vacuum CleanerDesigned to meet your varied cleaning needs, it has a stainless steel body. This wet and dry vacuum cleaner has a blower function which removes deep embedded dust from the surroundings. It comes with a HEPA filter for effective dust filtering in addition to a removable and reusable dust catcher bag. The box includes many nozzles, brushes, and a set of extra filters and dust bags which take care of everyday cleaning needs. It has a 21 litre dust capacity, meaning you can run multiple clean cycles without having to clear it out.It offers heavy duty cleaning, across all surfaces as well as wet and dry spaces

Eureka Forbes Wet and Dry Ultimo Vacuum CleanerOne of the best vacuum cleaners for large homes and office spaces, this offering from Eureka Forbes is designed to meet your dry and wet cleaning needs. It has a high power motor which lends high suction power, resulting in cleaner floors and surfaces. You can run the machine for days on end without having to clean out the dust tank thanks to the large 20 litre capacity. It comes with a host of accessories which are designed to clean every corner and crevice of your house.It has a large dust tank which doesn’t require frequent cleaning

AmazonBasics 1400 W 21L Wet and Dry Vacuum CleanerThis offering from AmazonBasics comes with all the right features, at a highly affordable price. The machine has a 1400W motor which offers high suction power. This means that you needn’t dust the area first before picking up the dirt– the suction is strong enough to catch dust mounds and corners and crevices. It works on wet as well as dry surfaces, and has a 21 litre capacity for dirt, which doesn’t need to be emptied very often.The large capacity dust tank is great for everyday cleaning and household use. It can be used indoor or outdoors

Eureka Forbes Wet&Dry Xpert Multipurpose Vacuum CleanerA vacuum cleaner designed for wet as well as dry surfaces, this is a versatile, multipurpose cleaning appliance. It has a high suction power– 2100 mm/wc, which is quite effective, even on carpets and wet surfaces. It comes with 9 accessories and a 20 litre dust tank, ideal for several vacuum sessions without the need to empty. There are 3 cleaning modes as well, in addition to a HEPA filter which removes bacteria as well as dust and grime. Incidentally, the filter can be automatically cleaned at the press of a button.It can clean on wet and dry surfaces thanks to the high suction power operation

Balzano Wet and Dry Professional K-606 1600 Watt Vacuum CleanerSporting a 25 litre dust capacity, this offering is ideal for heavy duty cleaning of homes and office spaces. It has a durable stainless steel body, with a powerful 1600W copper motor which gives this vacuum high suction power. It has a reusable MIF filter with a sponge that helps remove even the finest of dust particles and is washable too. The cleaner also has a blower mode, and relatively quiet operation considering the size and functionality.Despite having good features and high suction power, it has silent operation mode

Inalsa Vacuum Cleaner Wet and Dry Micro WD10A highly affordable pick, this offering from Inalsa comes with high suction capacity, as well as a dust storage capacity of 10 litres. While this may seem a little less compared to the other picks, it is more than enough for the average sized household. It can work on wet as well as dry surfaces, and thanks to its 14KPA suction power, you can rest assured that even the smallest and most minute dirt particles will be picked up. This cleaner is effective for indoor and outdoor purposes.It has multiple modes which you can choose depending on the surface you plan on cleaning