How to know if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp

How to know if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp
WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps and offers several features to its users. One such feature is the ability to block others, restricting them from messaging or calling you on the app. This feature allows you easily stop someone from contacting you.

When you are blocked by a person, you do not get a notification and WhatsApp has said that this is an intention feature to protect the privacy of the person who has blocked you. While there is no sure-shot way of finding if you have been blocked by someone, there are some indicators that might help you find out if you have been blocked by someone.

How to check if you have been blocked on WhatsApp

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Check profile picture
If you get blocked by someone on WhatsApp, you cannot see the changes to the person’s profile picture. If you know that the person has changed their profile picture and you are still being shown the old picture, this means that they have blocked you.

Check last seen

Another indicator that you have been blocked by someone is that you will no longer be able to see the last seen of a person. However, this is not a definite way as WhatsApp also allows users to hide their last seen from others.

Send a message
If you send a message to a person and even after a long time there is only one tick on the message, this means that the message has not been delivered to that person. This could either be because the person has not turned on data on their phone or has blocked you on the app.

Voice calls
If you still haven’t figured out if you have been blocked, you can try to place a voice call to the person. If it’s ringing, it means you haven’t been blocked. If you are not able to place a call, this could mean that either the person does not have data turned on or has blocked you.

Create a group
One of the easiest ways of finding out if you have been blocked by a person is by creating a group and adding the person to the group chat. If you are able to add the person to the group, this means that you have not been blocked by them.

However, if you are not able to add them in the group and get a message saying you don’t have authorization to add them to the group, this means that you have been blocked by them.

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