How to check if your Twitter account has been hacked

How to check if your Twitter account has been hacked
How to check if your Twitter account has been hackedUnsplash

  • Verified accounts on Twitter were recently hacked as a part of a bitcoin-giveaway scam.
  • The company is currently investigating the incident and frozen activity on the affected accounts.
  • Here’s how to check if your Twitter account has been hacked, and what do if the account is compromised.
Finding out that your Twitter account has been hacked can be stressful. Getting hacked could involve anything from losing access to your account to smaller incidents like unwanted tweets getting posted or seeing conversations in your direct messages that you never sent.

Short of losing access to your account, if you think you’ve been hacked or that someone else has access to your Twitter account, there are some easy ways to check.

The social networking giant recommends looking out for the following red flags:

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  • Unexpected Tweets by your account
  • Unintended Direct Messages sent from your account
  • Other account behaviours you didn't make or approve — like following, unfollowing, or blocking
  • Received a notification from Twitter stating that your account may be compromised
  • Received a notification from Twitter stating that your account information has changed, and you didn't change it
  • Noticed your password is no longer working and you are being prompted to reset it
If any of the above red flags pop up, Twitter recommends doing the following immediately:

  • Change your password
  • Make sure your email address is secure — preferably change your password there as well
  • Revoke third-party authorisations
  • Update passwords on trusted third-party apps
After you have revised your security measures, Twitter recommends any deleting any unwanted tweets, running a quick virus scan on your device, install the latest security patches, and check if your account has run through all the security precautions.

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