scorecardA new app ‘Lalo’ is helping people to remember loved ones who passed away
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A new app ‘Lalo’ is helping people to remember loved ones who passed away

A new app ‘Lalo’ is helping people to remember loved ones who passed away
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  • Lalo gives private digital space to remember and preserve memories of lost loved ones.
  • Currently, the app is free to use and emphasises on ad-free interface.
  • Lalo can be downloaded on Android and iOS.
It’s hard to make up for the loss of a loved one, however, technology is helping us to remember them in different ways. Recently, Seattle-based startup Lalo has launched its death tech-driven app that offers an intimate space to remember passed loved ones, preserving memories by using videos, pictures, and texts for free.

The idea of Lalo came from Juan Medina who spent over eight years working at Amazon. The idea surfaced back in 2003 when his wife asked him about his late father and he realised that he had nothing to tell as stories were lost or scattered across friends and family.

Lalo is named after Medina’s father's nickname. It works as digital scrapbook where you sign up and create an intimate space to share memories, and invite friends and family to collaborate. Users can add video, pictures, text, and voice notes for free. But in the coming future, Lalo plans to charge $25 a year to give access to more storage space.

How does Lalo work?
Once downloaded, Lalo guides the users to create a personalized journey to store memories of deceased ones for themselves or loved ones. The app has evolved through its beta version and now it has the following features-

Users can preserve all types of content including family photos, jokes, video clips, voicemails and much more. The end goal of Lalo is to make content more shareable and accessible to family members.

Lalo has a private network to share memories and communicate with family members and friends away from interruptions, ads and social networks.

Private and protected
With ad-free interface and user-owned data, Lalo ensures all personal information of loved ones is safe and secure. Once you have created space, add as many people you want with an invite-only option. Also, users can ask for their data to be deleted at any time.

Currently, in its closed beta version, Lalo has around 600 users. According to Medina and his team, voice messages are the most popular way of preserving memories in Lalo.

Rivals of Lalo
Lalo is not the first ‘death tech’ driven digital space, the existing also aims to serve a similar purpose. But Lalo seems to be more technologically advanced. Another rival is HereAfter AI, which preserves memories like Lalo. HereAfter AI features a chatbot where you can ask questions.