The best apps for marathon runners on iPhones and Apple Watch

The best apps for marathon runners on iPhones and Apple Watch
  • The applications for marathon runners track the activities like calories burned, distance traveled, heart rate and more.
  • These applications also focus on maintaining overall fitness by giving the options to create their workouts, join communities, sharing activities with friends and others.
  • Check out the list below for the top applications for marathon runners.
There are tons of apps that promise to help you reach your fitness goals. Some take care of your overall well-being, while many aim at specifics like improving sleep, suggesting diet, and workouts. Similarly, some apps help marathon runners to keep track of routes, distance, speed, and other critical factors. Since the season of marathons is kicking off next week, we have listed the top apps for marathon runners on iOS and WatchOS.

Users can install the applications for free and make in-app purchases to unlock the added benefits and features. The applications help you achieve health and fitness goals by creating workout routines, tracking activities, and giving reminders to keep you hydrated. Users can also track their run progress and make challenges and training plans to achieve targets.

With various options available on the App Store, choose the one that fulfills your purpose and helps make your running time effective. These apps are recommended by experts and best suited for Apple users as they offer cross-compatibility between your iPhone and Apple Watch. It synchronizes the data between the two devices seamlessly, making them the perfect companion for a good run.

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Asana Rebel
The best apps for marathon runners on iPhones and Apple Watch
From losing weight to building strength, from high-intensity workouts to moving meditations: each piece of Asana Rebel is meant to fit every goal into your lifestyle. This application tracks your progress and gives you daily challenges to keep you motivated. It helps keep you fit and offers wonderful tunes that will make you go to sleep and delicious recipes. Users can use all the workout plans by buying a monthly subscription.

The best apps for marathon runners on iPhones and Apple Watch
The application lets you track your fitness activity and get in shape. With Strava, you can record over 30 sports types. Users can also share their real-time location with their friends and family to ensure safety. Not only safety, but it also helps you share your activity with your friends and create challenges. The application is free to install but requires a subscription to unlock premium features.


Water Reminder
The best apps for marathon runners on iPhones and Apple Watch
This is the number 1 water tracker application to keep you hydrated. The application calculates the amount of water your body needs. It reminds you to drink water on time and helps you track your water intake. You can choose the subscription plan of the application to access different features of the application.

Nike Run Club
The best apps for marathon runners on iPhones and Apple Watch
From tracking runs to storing progress to guided runs and training plans; this application covers it all. The application calculates your running speed, distance, route, elevation, and heart rate. It also allows you to connect with friends, join challenges, and even tag shoes to track mileage.

Adidas Runtastic
The best apps for marathon runners on iPhones and Apple Watch
Adidas Runtastic is a fitness app that provides runners with overall fitness. Along with running features, the application has 180+ exercises, 7-45 minutes workout routines, and training plans. The application is free to install, but to avail of the benefits of premium features in Adidas training and Adidas running; users need to buy a premium membership.
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