Bid Siri Adieu with iPhone’s new Voice Control Feature

Bid Siri Adieu with iPhone’s new Voice Control Feature
Siri voice command and voice recognition set upIANS
Apple integrated an exciting new feature in the iOS 13 – Voice Control. With voice control enabled, you can operate your entire phone via voice commands. It may sound like Siri, but it is quite different from it.

Siri, the voice-controlled digital assistant, is interactive but could perform only a handful of commands. The voice control, on the other hand, can do just about anything. From launching apps, adjusting volumes to editing text, it can do it all and so much more.

To enable Siri, you have to long-press your Home button (till iPhone 8 & 8Plus) or Lock Screen button (from iPhone X onwards). However, to enable voice control feature, all you have to do is:
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  • Open SettingsTap Accessibility
  • Tap Voice Control
  • Toggle Voice Control on
Once you switch on your voice control feature, you can use it anytime by just a voice command.


Pool of Command

With Siri, you’re restricted with the choice of commands. It only recognizes a few inbuilt commands. However, once you’ve enabled voice control in your iPhone, you will come across thousands of commands. With such a variety of commands, you can perform any task on your phone without even touching it. There’s more, you can also customize your own set of commands. Voice control was designed solely to eliminate physical contact with your phone whenever you want something done on your phone.

Voice Recognition

With voice control, be mindful of the fact that your iPhone us always listening. Since it is not personalized to your voice, like iOS’s Hey Siri!, whenever it recognizes any phrase, your phone will respond to it. Yes, regardless of who says it. Therefore, next time you’re in public, think before activating this feature.

Despite this, the new voice control feature is a great new addition in the apple accessibility world. And you might not understand its capabilities fully until you toggle the feature on.