Chingari app will now pay composers to create and share music on its platform for its millions of new users

Chingari app will now pay composers to create and share music on its platform for its millions of new users
Chingari app.Rounak Jain / Business Insider India
  • Chingari has invited indie music composers to create and share music on its platform.
  • Chingari has said that it will pay composers for the music and composers of popular songs will also be given revenue share.
  • The app shot to fame after the government banned Chinese video sharing app TikTok and reportedly has over 16 million users.
Indian short video sharing platform Chingari that has emerged as one of the top TikTok alternatives has announced that it will pay indie music composers to create and share fresh music on its platform.

The Chingari app developers said that they will pay the music creators based on the reach of their songs and help them get exposure. Additionally, composers of songs that become popular on the app will also have a share in the revenue.

At the moment, it’s not clear what the payment model is and how the composers will be compensated. Chingari users at present get points for their videos based on the number of views and these points can be redeemed for money.

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“Chingari has already become the new hotspot for desi content creators. Taking this a step further, we want to give platform to the music composers of our country. With a user base more than 16 million strong, Chingari provides a wide reach to our talented composers. The vision behind the move is to celebrate and promote the talent in our nation.” said Sumit Ghosh, co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Chingari.


Chingari is adding 300,000 users every hour and records over 2.2 million video views per hour as per Biswatma Nayak, co-founder of Chingari. “The entire Chingari team is working extremely hard round the clock and trying to keep up with the surging users and providing them with seamless experience.” Nayak added.

Chingari’s developers are currently working on a new user interface for the app and it will go live next week. The startup is also looking to hire for multiple roles across UI/UX design and engineering to handle the surge in traffic on its platform.


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