Facebook isn’t just going dark it’s also becoming more like Twitter — and that’s good news

Facebook isn’t just going dark it’s also becoming more like Twitter — and that’s good news
Facebook announces the upcoming 'dark mode' during the F8 developers conference in MayFacebook

  • Facebook announced that it would bring ‘dark mode’ to its social networking platform during its developer conference in May.
  • Dark mode is now being testing in beta mode for desktops after being introduced to mobile in August.
  • Facebook’s beta interface looks more like Twitter and users seem to be appreciating it.f
Facebook , the global social networking giant, announced that it would be redesigning its website, back in May during its annual developer’s conference — F8.

A few months later in August, it started to test the site’s ‘dark mode’ for the mobile app. And now, Facebook’s going dark on desktops too.

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The new beta interface — which is being rolled out to a select few for testing — isn’t only darker but also seems to morphing into Twitter, according to some users. Others feel that it looks more like its mobile version.


Regardless of whether or not Facebook’s new interface is mimicking Twitter, beta testers feel that it’s definitely neater.

In case the new design doesn’t look as appealing to some, it should be noted that the design is still in beta mode. This means that there may be changes to come before the final version is rolled out to the masses. Even if it doesn’t, there will be a toggle to allow users to switch back to older, or the current, Facebook interface.