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Gboard to onboard AI for stickers, proofreading and more

Gboard to onboard AI for stickers, proofreading and more
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  • Google is working on adding more features to Gboard, the company’s keyboard app.
  • Google is reportedly using Generative AI to add features such as proofreading and custom stickers.
  • Here are some of the AI-powered features that Gboard users will soon get.
American tech giant Google made several announcements related to artificial intelligence (AI) during the I/O 2023 developer conference. One of those announcements was the addition of AI to its applications.

Gboard, one of the popular apps from the company is all set to get several new features thanks to the use of generative AI. According to a report by 9to5Google, Gboard is all set to get AI-powered features such as proofreading, stickers, stylus handwriting and more.

The features have been spotted in the Gboard v13.3 beta and are expected to be soon released for normal users.

Generative AI proofreading

Google will now use generative AI and offer a “proofread with Gboard” feature that will allow users to correct spellings, grammar and punctuation with a tap. The feature will be available from the toolbar and users will have the option to rate each suggestion as helpful and not helpful.

Generative AI Tone

Google will also use generative AI to help you write. This feature will be similar to Gmail’s “Help Me Write” feature. Under this, once you write some text, you can select the text and ask Gboard to change the tone, converting it from casual to formal, formal to casual and more.

Generative AI stickers – Emogen

Google is also working on introducing Emogen, which will offer generative AI stickers to users. Emogen will allow you to create emoji style stickers using generative AI.

Basically, instead of searching for a sticker, all you will have to do is enter a prompt and AI will create a sticker using that prompt. Google currently offers the Emoji Kitchen which merges two existing stickers into one.

Stylus handwriting

The stylus handwriting feature is aimed at making it simpler for users who use stylus. As part of the new update, Gboard will get stylus handwriting and gestures such as scratch out, insert, join, new line and more.


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