Gmail is working again — Google fixes issue without explaining what went wrong

Gmail is working again — Google fixes issue without explaining what went wrong
Users are unable to attach files and send email over Gmail in India, Australia, Japan and other parts of the worldUnsplash
  • Gmail users were unable to send emails and attach files earlier today. The outage was at its peak at 12:00 pm with more than 2,700 users reported issues.
  • Google has now resolved the issue and stated that its services are functional again.
  • Even so, the tech giant has not provided an explanation as to what went wrong in the first place.
Gmail is back up at full capacity after a massive number of users reported that Google’s email client was not letting them send mail email or attach files for at least four hours starting at 10:00 am on Thursday. However, the global tech giant did not offer any explanation as why the services were unable in the first place.

DownDetector's outage map showed that the problem was not just for people in India, but also in Australia, Japan, and other parts of the world.

Gmail is working again — Google fixes issue without explaining what went wrong
Global outage map for Gmail as of 11:00 amDownDetector

Business Insider noted that Google Drive was also unable share files or upload and download them. "Google and their engineering team is investigating the issue," said sources ahead of Google confirming the outage on its status page.
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By mid-afternoon, Google had managed to restore the service for some users, but left others with the promise of things being fixed in the 'near future'.
At the time Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Groups, Google Chat, Google Meet, Google Voice and Google Keep were being checked on.

The number of users reporting issues with Gmail peaked at 12:00pm with 2,737 complaints logged on DownDetector. "Gmail sending issues. Meet recording issues. Creating files issues in Drive, CSV user upload issues in Admin Console. Posting message issues in Google Chat. Sites adding new pages issues. Keep issues. Voice mail issues," noted Google.

This is the second time in two months that widespread issues with Gmail have been reported. In July, users reported not being able to log into their Gmail accounts. Gmail noted the issue and fixed it, but even then, it did offer an explanation as why the problems occurred.

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