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How to get Instagram's chronological order feed

How to get Instagram's chronological order feed
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  • You can choose between three types of feeds including the present algorithm-based one.
  • Instagram's chronological order feed displays posts in the order they were posted, with the newest first.
  • The chronological order feed is the original display format on Instagram, but has since been replaced with an algorithm-based feed.
Instagram is finally giving back users the highly requested chronological feed. Back in 2016, Instagram decided to remove the chronological feed that shows posts in the order of the latest published content. It switched to the algorithm-based feed that shows posts it thinks you would be most interested in. But Instagram is now testing new feed layouts and one of these is a chronological one.

What is Instagram's chronological order feed?
Instagram's chronological order feed is a display option that shows posts in the order they were posted, with the most recent post appearing first. This means that posts are not sorted or prioritized based on factors like engagement or user interest. Instead, they are simply shown in the order they were added to the platform.

The chronological order feed was the original display format on Instagram, but it was later replaced with an algorithm-based feed that prioritizes posts differently.

However, users can still access the chronological order feed by using the "Recent" sorting option in the settings section.

So if you’ve been waiting for Instagram’s chronological feed to come back, here’s how you can get it.
  • Open the Instagram app and tap on the ‘Instagram’ logo.
  • A dropdown menu will appear with three options — Home, Following, Favourites.
  • Select ‘Following’ from the list to get the chronological feed.
  • Instagram will now show posts only from the accounts you follow, and in the chronological order.
  • You will also see the different feed options on top when you scroll down the app.
  • To switch back to the current Instagram feed, follow the same process and select ‘Home’.
  • If you want to see posts only from select accounts then you can choose ‘Favourites’.
  • You will have to manually add accounts to your favorites list.
There is one catch though. If you switch to either the favourites or following feed, you cannot see Stories. You will have to go back to the current feed for that. It isn’t confirmed if this is an error or a part of the final release.

The chronological feed was one thing Instagram seemed adamant on not bringing back despite users requesting it for years. But Mosseri confirmed the company was working on chronological feed during a Senate hearing in December last year over concerns of Instagram being harmful to minors.

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