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How to use the new sad face filter on Instagram?

How to use the new sad face filter on Instagram?
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  • The sad face filter is the new range on Instagram.
  • The filter got popular with Snapchat and then Instagram Reels made it viral.
  • Here's how to use the viral sad filter.
The Meta owned photo and video sharing app, Instagram keeps giving us new trends and viral memes regularly. The latest trend seems to be a filter that makes your face look sad, and it’s funny. We have started to see a lot of videos with these filters popping up, and it seems to be the next viral filter in the coming days.

This sad face filter allows you to put a sad expression on a person’s face even when they’re smiling or even laughing. Want to give a Sad Face filter a try? Perhaps you’d like to use them for a selfie, reels or prank? Keep reading to find out how to use it.

Steps to use sad face filter on Instagram

  1. Update Instagram to its latest version.
  2. Open Instagram App.
  3. On the top left corner, your profile picture will appear with a ‘+’.
  4. Tap on ‘+’ icon.
  5. Once you click on ’+’, camera will be opened for STORY, swipe left and choose REEL.
  6. After switching to REEL, now click on ‘Effects’.
  7. Search bar will open, search for Sad Face.
  8. You will get multiple options, explore one by one and choose the apt one.
  9. Once you selected the sad face filter, click on that filter.
  10. Create Reels and after that click on the ‘Next’ button.
  11. After clicking on ‘Next’ button you will get an option to edit the video.
  12. Once done with editing, click on Next and your video will be finally available to share.
You can share the video in your feed or tag people. In addition, you can also rename the video or add a location. Once done, finally click on the ‘Share’ button and your reel/ video will be posted on Instagram with a sad face filter.

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