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Top 5 Indian apps to boost productivity

Top 5 Indian apps to boost productivity
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  • Productivity applications help increase efficiency for both personal and professional needs.
  • These applications can help manage tasks, track schedules and maintain workflow.
  • Below listed are the top Indian applications to boost productivity.
Productivity and utility apps are a great way to lessen manual work and increase effectiveness. These applications help streamline work and keep you organized. The purpose of the productivity applications is to increase efficiency by making the tasks easy and quick.

While there are various options available on the App Store and the Play Store depending on different work types and requirements, choosing the ones that are best suited for you is not an easy task. In this guide, we have curated a list of the top 5 made in India productivity applications.

Share Karo: Transfer, Share it
With a 3.8 star rating on App Store and a 4.4star rating on Play Store, this application lets the users share media even without the internet. It does not require logging in and is suitable to share files of any size. In order to discover nearby users, Share Karo asks permission for using the location. The application is developed by Nitesh Raikwar.

Kaagaz Scanner
The Kaagaz Scanner application is available on both App Store and Play Store. It is an easy to use application that scans notes, documents and PDFs. It is suitable to scan even in the dark with a flashlight option. This application also comes with 5 filter options – original, black/white, gray, magic colour 1 and white magic to adjust the document according to your requirement. Users can easily share the documents via different mediums. It is considered one of the best Indian alternative apps to Cam Scanner. The application is developed by Snehanshu Gandhi, Gaurav Shrishrimal and Tamanjit Bindra, IIT Kanpur's alumni.

Scanner go
This all-in-1 PDF scanner application is easy to use and is a great option for those who travel for business purposes. The application is free to download and requires no subscriptions or internet connection to work. Apart from PDF, the application is also suitable for scanning documents. You can share files anywhere and anytime in JPG or PDF format. The application is developed by Appyhigh Technology.

Tasks: To Do Lists & Planner
With a 4.7 star rating on the App Store, this application offers multiple features that help customize the day to day tasks and work status. It lets you add 'Tags' to keep track of what tasks are to be done. The application also comes with the option to create folders, and projects and add sub-tasks to keep the work organized. You can also set reminders with this application. Mustafa Yusuf developed this application during the lockdown period.

Image to PDF - PDF Maker
This application is available on the Play Store with a 4.8 star rating. It converts pictures of different formats into PDFs in offline mode. The application is not only suitable to convert images to PDFs but also allows you to edit the PDFs. It keeps the data private and safe. You can also add multiple images to form a single PDF. This application is developed by Simple Design Ltd.

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