This app is straight out of Black Mirror — it lets you capture and revisit memories in virtual reality

This app is straight out of Black Mirror — it lets you capture and revisit memories in virtual reality
Image credits- Unsplash
  • An app is in the works that will allow users to capture and relive their memories in virtual reality.
  • Using the virtual reality app, the recorded footage can be viewed through a VR headset, and the user can interact with the scene.
  • If interested, you can sign up for the beta or join the launch waiting list.
It may resemble a plot from Netflix's science fiction series Black Mirror, but the ability to relive past moments of our lives will soon become possible using VR and new age smartphones. Wist labs is currently developing a smartphone application that will enable users to record unforgettable experiences and upload them to a virtual reality headset, and watch it at any point in time.

The technology captures the 3D information of the footage, transforming any recording into an immersive three dimensional world that users can interact with.

Vivid, the VR application, is currently in its beta stage and available on iOS. It is designed to be paired with a Quest VR headset, allowing users to invite their friends to participate in their past experiences.

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Capture, save, and relive your memories

Similar to the plot of Black Mirror's 'The Entire History of You,' where people can access memories through an implanted device that records their every move, the VR app also allows users to access their past experiences. The technology enables them to rewind, zoom in, and examine the scenes of their daily lives.

However, in Vivid's case, memories are captured through a smartphone, thanks to sensors and software with 3D capture technology. Andrew McHugh, the founder of Wist, revealed that the right combination of this technology could create spatial moments in time that one can step back into.

To relive a memory, users must record an experience with the Vivid app, which collects the necessary information to transform 2D footage into a 3D world. The engineering and design of the app will make it as simple as capturing a video and bringing it to life.

McHugh explained that the app saves colour, depth, device pose, audio, and scene information during the capture process. Depth is captured using LiDAR sensors on Pro model iPhones and iPads.

The app and program are still in the early stages, and the videos produced may appear glitchy and lack certain portions of the scene. Wist aims to enhance the app's performance before its official release.

Wist is in a private beta phase on iOS and Meta Quest 2. Wist plans to release a Meta Quest Pro version later this year. If interested, you can sign up for the beta or join the launch waiting list on the Wist: Immersive Memories website.

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