scorecardWhatsApp working on a ‘Community’ feature that could co-exist with Groups
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WhatsApp working on a ‘Community’ feature that could co-exist with Groups

WhatsApp working on a ‘Community’ feature that could co-exist with Groups
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  • WhatsApp’s Community feature was found in an APK teardown.
  • This Community feature could either work exclusively or be part of the Groups feature.
  • There is no confirmation on when we may see this feature on the messaging platform.
WhatsApp is reportedly working on a ‘Community’ feature according to an APK teardown done by XDA developers. As part of our early speculation, this new feature could either work simultaneously and co-exist from the Groups feature or a part of it. It may also be the new name for Groups.

The feature called ‘Community’ was seen in the latest beta version for WhatsApp, version As per reports, the new feature may have some overlaps with the groups feature but the code suggests that the said feature may not be the new name for Groups, but a separate feature.

However, this is just the APK teardown and it may or may not be part of future updates since it is yet to be tested or implemented and it could be removed by WhatsApp developers.

The features of WhatsApp Community
As per XDA, Community feature could be a social media-like function within the messaging app itself, similar to a Facebook group. It could also mean that the Community will host one or more groups within itself or the other way around.
The Community feature could also offer admins more control over groups and provide a channel for them to share messages across the community. It could also offer more roles to users such as community managers.

Yet, this does not mean that it could just be a name change of the WhatsApp groups. We also do not have a timeline for the roll-out of this feature. And it could take years for the instant messaging platform to bring out the stable feature to its users.
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