Innovation Inc: Pivoting to digital in a push to return to normalcy

Innovation Inc: Pivoting to digital in a push to return to normalcy
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Innovation Inc: Pivoting to digital in a push to return to normalcy
A snapshot from architecture giant Gensler on how some offices could adapt to the post-coronavirus world.Gensler


As states across the country begin to ease social distancing restrictions, CEOs are facing the difficult task of reopening their businesses while protecting the safety of employees.

There are big questions surrounding what a return to normalcy will look like.

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Among them is how to design the office of the future. I talked to the co-CEOs of Gensler, the world's largest architecture firm, to find out what the most dramatic changes will be.

But not all companies are the same and fault lines are beginning to emerge within corporate America.


Some have quick plans to return employees to the office, while others are using the opportunity as a chance to implement permanent work-from-home policies.

Even more are straddling those two decisions. Facebook, for example, is opening its offices in July but allowing associates to work remotely for the remainder of 2020.

As leaders plot what a post-coronavirus world will look like, one thing is clear across the board: technology will be key.

From restarting factories remotely to hosting trade shows virtually, executives are tapping digital tools to navigate the uncertainty.

Take Frito-Lay.


The most profitable segment of PepsiCo's $67 billion portfolio owned the domain name for over 20 years.

While the company had considered launching a direct-to-consumer website in the past, there wasn't a need as snacks remained a popular item to buy in stores.

After consumer shopping habits changed almost overnight once the coronavirus hit, Frito-Lay took Business Insider inside how it expedited work on its e-commerce platform and launched the new site in just 30 days.

Below are several other stories from around the Business Insider newsroom that show the gusto with which companies are approaching innovation amidst the ongoing crisis.

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