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LIVE: Here come Google and Alphabet's earnings

Troy Wolverton   

LIVE: Here come Google and Alphabet's earnings
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  • Google parent Alphabet will report its fourth-quarter results Monday.
  • Analysts expect the company to show a 21% gain in revenue but a slight slump in earnings per share.
  • Wall Street will also be listening closely for details about YouTube, and Google Cloud.
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Alphabet is set to report its fourth-quarter results Monday afternoon, and Wall Street has mixed expectations.

The company is likely to report a 21% jump in sales, according to the average forecast of analysts polled by Bloomberg. But it's also likely to see a slump in earnings-per-share.

The report comes as Google's parent company is trading near and all-time high. It will represent the first earnings update Alphabet's given since Sundar Pichai took over from cofounder Larry Page as the company's CEO.

Here's what analysts are expecting and how that compares with the company's prior year results:

  • Q4 '19 revenue minus traffic acquisition costs (TAC): $38.39 billion. In the fourth quarter of 2018, Alphabet posted $31.84 billion in revenue on this basis.
  • Q4 '19 earnings per share (EPS): $12.50. In the year-prior quarter, the company earned $12.77 a share.
  • Q1 '20 revenue minus TAC (analyst forecast): $35.27 billion. In the same period a year ago, Alphabet posted $29.48 billion in sales on this basis.
  • Q1 '20 EPS (forecast): $12.31. Alphabet earned $9.50 a share in the first quarter last year, a period in which it recorded a $1.7 billion fine from the European Commission.

Beyond the primary numbers, analysts an investors will be listening closely for any details Alphabet officials offer about the company's fast-growing segments outside its core search business, including YouTube and Google Cloud.

In late trading on Monday, Alphabet's stock was up $46.61 a share, or 3.3%, to $1,480.84. The company's share price is up 33% over the last year and hit an all-time high of $1,503.21 less than two weeks ago.

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