scorecardHere’s how to use your old phone as a car dashcam
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Here’s how to use your old phone as a car dashcam

Here’s how to use your old phone as a car dashcam
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  • If you've got an old smartphone, don’t fork for a dashcam.
  • Use Android/ iOS dashcam mobile application.
  • Equipment required to set up an old phone as a dashcam — read below.
A dashcam is a very useful accessory to have in your car. You never know when you need dashcam footage if you get into an accident or face any unexpected incident. It not only is good for investigation after an incident but also keeps proof for other purposes like insurance claims. The cost of a dashcam ranges from affordable to expensive but there’s actually no need of buying a new one if you have a spare phone. This not only saves you money but also the environment as you are reusing a device that might have been thrown away as e-waste.

To get started, all you need is a smartphone with a recording app, a sturdy car mount and charging cable. The mount should be placed at an angle that can see the road ahead of you. The camera recording above 480p will do them justice. You can use a built-in recording of your phone but it will pile up massive video files. A dashcam mobile application is a smart choice. For Android, you can use Droid Dashcam, and for iOS Roav DashCam. All these apps allow you to record with a tap of a button.

Set up an old phone as a dashcam

Setup mount on windshield or dashboard
The very first step is to set up the mount in your vehicle. Usually, the windshield is the ideal place to set it up but still make sure you get a mount that’s easy to remove. Mount shouldn’t obstruct your view while driving or it should not come in the projectile line of the airbag.

Power source
Your old smartphone may not have decent battery life that’s why get a charging cable and adapter for your car charger. Also, find a cable long enough so it doesn’t dangle in front of you.

Download the dashcam app
Whether you are iPhone or Android user, you will find the number of applications to download. For Android, you can download AutoBoy dashcam- BlackBox, and Droid Dashcam, and for iOS Roav DashCam. Once you have downloaded the app, accept all the permission like camera, location, and even audio.

Connect your phone to a power source and open the required application. Some applications may come with advanced features like automatic start recording when you launch the app.

Don’t leave your phone mounted in your car as it can attract passing thieves. During the time of summer lithium batteries in phones tend to explode once they are overheated. Most of all, be safe whenever you mix any gadget with a car.