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How to contact Etsy customer service as a buyer or a seller via phone, email, or chat

Abigail Abesamis Demarest   

How to contact Etsy customer service as a buyer or a seller via phone, email, or chat
  • You can contact Etsy customer service over the phone or internet, but you need to have an Etsy account.
  • You can call an Etsy customer service phone number (1-844-935-3879 in North America) to get help with more advanced buying or selling issues.
  • The simplest way to contact Etsy is using their online Help Center, which lets you chat or send an email.

Whether you're a seller or a buyer, there are several ways to contact Etsy customer service if you have an issue. Etsy's customer support service can help sellers resolve shop issues, help buyers with orders they've placed, and more.

Calling, emailing, or starting an online chat are all options if you want to contact Etsy Support. Plus, the process is virtually the same whether you're a buyer or a seller.

Important: You'll need an Etsy account and need to be signed in to contact Etsy online. This helps the company verify your identity and provide customer support.

How to contact Etsy Support

  1. Sign in to Etsy if you haven't already.
  2. Go to the Etsy Help Center.
  3. Under "What can we help you with?" there will be two options - a link for buyers and one for sellers. If you're a buyer, click "Buying on Etsy." If you're a seller, select "Selling on Etsy."

  4. Choose the category that best matches the reason you're contacting Etsy Support.

    Quick tip: Buyer's might see inquiries like "Help with an order" and "Shopping and checking out," while sellers might see topics such as "Finances and billing" and "Managing my orders.

  5. Continue selecting the categories and queries that best match your issue until you reach a page with suggestions for how to resolve your issue.

  6. If you still need to contact Etsy Support, click "I still need help."

  7. Select from the "Chat with us," "Call us," or "Email us" options where available.
  8. If you selected the chat option, a chatbox will open. Enter your message in the chat messenger, then click "Start chat."

  9. If you selected the call option, you will be shown contact numbers for North America (1-844-935-3879), the United Kingdom (44-800-011-9700), and Australia (61-1800-531-536).

  10. If you selected the email option, you will be brought to an online form. Fill in the subject and description fields, then click "Send."

How to contact Etsy Support through the mobile app

You can use the Etsy mobile app for iOS and Android devices to reach customer service. The process for contacting a representative via chat, phone, or email is largely the same. The only difference is how you get to the help center.

Here's how to access the Etsy Help Center and get customer service support from the mobile app.

  1. Open the Etsy mobile app.
  2. Select the "You" icon from the bottom menu bar.
  3. Select "Help" from the list of options.

  4. Tap the "Help Center" button.
    1. Quick tip: Select "Help with an order" to get order updates and help for a specific purchase.
  5. Select the relevant topic you need help with.

  6. Select the issue closest to what you need assistance with.
  7. If you still need support from an Etsy customer service representative, scroll to the bottom of the issue page and tap "Contact support."

    Quick tip: The contact button may not be available for each issue so you may need to go to another page to see the option.

  8. Now follow the same exact steps as above to get phone, email, or chat support from Etsy.
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