Google Cricket - how to play doodle cricket on Google?

Google Cricket - how to play doodle cricket on Google?
  • Google is currently showcasing its popular interactive doodles as part of its throwback series under the ‘Stay and Play at home’ tagline.
  • On April 28, it reintroduced the Doodle for ICC Champions Trophy 2017.
  • It allows users to play cricket as the insect cricket.
The world is currently fighting the Coronavirus pandemic and many people have been stuck at home for over a month. To help people pass time, Google announced a throwback Doodle series that will showcase a Doodle everyday over the next two weeks under the ‘Stay and Play at home’ tagline.

Over the years, Google has launched several minigames as Doodles on its homepage to mark big occasions. It will bring back 10 of its popular interactive Google Doodle games.

“As COVID-19 continues to impact communities around the world, people and families everywhere are spending more time at home. In light of this, we’re launching a throwback Doodle series looking back at some of our popular interactive Google Doodle games,” said Google.

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Google Doodle cricket game

On April 28, Google reintroduced the cricket Doodle that was first showcased in 2017 during the ICC Champions Trophy. When you visit the Google homepage, the ‘G’ can be seen batting while wearing a chef’s hat and the word ‘e’ can be seen bowling.

You can play cricket using the avatar of the insect cricket. The opposing team consists of snails.

How to play Google Doodle cricket game
Google Cricket - how to play doodle cricket on Google?
  • To play the Google Doodle cricket game, you can visit the Google homepage.
  • Now, click on the interactive Doodle.
  • Now, click on ‘Play’.
  • Apart from this, you can also click here to play the game in full-screen mode but there are no sounds on this page.
  • To play the game, all you need to do is press the left-click of your mouse or the space button on the keyboard.
Download Google Doodle cricket game for Android

If you like the cricket game, you can also download it on your Android smartphone from here.

On April 27, Google had reintroduced its coding game from 2017. The game, titled Coding for Carrots allows users to place code together in sequences to help an animated rabbit navigate a maze block.

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