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How to unmute posts or stories on Instagram

Devon Delfino   

How to unmute posts or stories on Instagram
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You can easily unmute posts on Instagram to follow posts you previously muted.    Reuters
  • If you've muted someone on Instagram previously, you can unmute them again.
  • If you know the user you've muted, you can unmute them via their profile.
  • You can also find muted stories via the Stories feed on your Instagram home page.

There are many reasons to mute someone's posts or stories on Instagram. But those reasons don't always mean you want to keep them muted forever. If you change your mind, you can unmute their posts or stories.

While you won't be able to unmute posts on a computer, you can with your mobile device. Here's how you can unmute posts on Instagram on your iPhone or Android.

How to unmute someone on Instagram

If you've previously muted someone's Instagram posts, you have the option to unmute them:

1. Go to the Instagram profile of the person or account you want to unmute.

2. Tap Following, located toward the left side of the screen.

Screenshot highlighting the following button on an Instagram profile.
Tap Following.      Devon Delfino

3. Select the Mute section.

Screenshot highlighting the mute section on an Instagram profile.
Tap Mute to see more options.      Devon Delfino

4. Toggle off the mute option next to Posts, Stories or both.

Screenshot showing the muting section on an Instagram profile.
Toggle the option you no longer want off.      Devon Delfino

How to unmute someone's Instagram story

If you've muted a specific Instagram story, but want to unmute it, you can do so — even if you forgot the account you muted:

1. Open Instagram and log in, if needed.

2. Scroll through your story feed, located at the top of the screen, until you find a greyed out icon — that's a story you've muted.

Screenshot showing a greyed out profile in the story feed on Instagram.
Greyed out profile photos have been muted.      Devon Delfino

3. Tap and hold the greyed out profile picture.

4. Tap Unmute.

Screenshot showing the option to unmute an Instagram story.
Tap Unmute.      Devon Delfino