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How to use your Google Chromecast to watch HBO Go shows and movies

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How to use your Google Chromecast to watch HBO Go shows and movies
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HBO Go users can watch their favorite shows and movies using Google's Chromecast device.    Google
  • To use a Chromecast to watch HBO Go with either your phone or laptop, the Google streaming device must be connected to your TV and home WiFi network.
  • To enable HBO Go to play through your Chromecast, download the most recent version of the Google Home app to your mobile device and connect your phone to the same WiFi network as your Chromecast.
  • You must have an HBO cable subscription through a TV provider to access the HBO Go streaming service through Chromecast.
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Among the many streaming services Chromecast supports is HBO Go, which comes free with a subscription to the premium cabler that's paid through a TV provider such as Xfinity or Spectrum. Once you sync your HBO Go account to your Chromecast and log in, you can watch your favorite HBO series like "Succession," "Insecure" and "Westworld" anytime.

You simply plug your Chromecast into your TV and sync it with the Google Home app using the same Wifi network. Once you have your hardware and app set up, watching is as simple as tapping the cast icon in the top right corner of the HBO Go app or your Chrome browser.

Before you begin streaming your favorite HBO Go movies and TV series, you should also check that you've got the latest version of the Chromecast software, Google Home and HBO Go downloaded.

Here's how to connect and watch your HBO Go account with your Chromecast.

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How to watch HBO Go through Chromecast using a computer

1. Open your computer or chromebook and log into using the Google Chrome browser.

2. If you haven't added the "Cast" button to your Chrome toolbar, select the "More" button in the top right of the browser window and choose the "Cast" option from the dropdown menu.

How to Chromecast HBO Go 1
The "More" button is represented by three vertical dots and is to the right of your account profile icon.      Abbey White/Business Insider

3. Once the "Cast" button appears in the toolbar, or if you already added it, click the button to begin casting.

Every device that you can connect your Chromecast to will appear here.      Abbey White/Business Insider

4. Select your TV device from the dropdown menu that appears.

How to Chromecast HBO Go 2
If your device is compatible with Chromecast, the "Cast" button will turn blue after you click it.      Abbey White/Business Insider

5. On your laptop or Chromebook, begin watching a program and wait for it to appear on your TV screen.

6. Click the cast button in your browser window and select "Stop Casting" when you're finished watching.

How to Chromecast HBO Go 4
To switch screens or apps, you must disconnect your current casting session.      Abbey White/Business Insider

How to watch HBO Go through Chromecast using a mobile device

1. Open the HBO Go app on your iPhone or Android.

2. Sign into your HBO Go account if you are not already.

3. Select the show or film you want to cast and begin playing it.

4. Find the square "Cast" icon at the top of the HBO Go player screen. Tap it.

How to Chromecast HBO Go 5
This icon appears the same on the HBO Go app as it does in the Chrome web browser.      Abbey White/Business Insider

5. A list of places you can cast to will appear. Select your TV.

How to Chromecast for HBO Go 6
This menu houses all of the devices available to cast the HBO Go app through your Chromecast.      Abbey White/Business Insider

6. The show will appear on your TV screen and the cast button will turn blue to indicate its working.

How to Chromecast for HBO Go 7
If the "Cast" icon doesn't appear blue, try disconnecting and re-casting.      Abbey White/Business Insider

7. To end a cast, just tap the "Cast" icon again and select "Disconnect" from the dropdown that appears.

How to Chromecast for HBO Go 8
You must disconnect your Chromecast from the HBO Go app to cast other apps or return to your normal TV screen.      Abbey White/Business Insider

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