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What are Twitter Newsletters? How you can sign up to grow your Twitter following and monetize your content

Ron Lyons, Jr. ,Abbey White   

What are Twitter Newsletters? How you can sign up to grow your Twitter following and monetize your content
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Twitter Newsletters is a platform that lets users create and publish paid for free newsletters.    PeopleImages/Getty Images
  • Twitter Newsletters is a new tool that lets you design, schedule, and publish newsletters.
  • Once you've published a Twitter newsletter, you can share it on social media, and decide whether you'd like to charge readers money for it.
  • To start a newsletter, you just need to sign up for a Revue account and link it to your Twitter profile.

Twitter users can now start their own newsletter via Revue, the Netherlands-based social media and email newsletter company that began in 2015. Acquired by Twitter in January 2021, Revue has companies like Vox Media and the Chicago Sun-Times among its clientele.

This new venture will allow writers and other content creators to generate and publish their own independent newsletters at-cost through a paid subscription. It's in line with a growing shift at Twitter to offer features that allow popular users to monetize their presence on the platform.

What are Twitter Newsletters?

With so many Twitter users building brands off of their followings, Twitter argues it's an ideal home for writers, especially those who want to quickly monetize their popular content on the platform.

The two platforms' integration also comes from Twitter wanting to compete with Substack, another email newsletter service.

As the service is still in its early stages, you'll have to sign up for each site independently, but new sign-ups come with a few perks. Revue's old model had two versions, a free and paid version, but Twitter announced that it would make the paid features free for all accounts, and lower the paid newsletter fee to 5% - "a competitive rate that lets writers keep more of the revenue generated from subscriptions," according to Twitter.

When you sign-up for a Twitter newsletter, here's what you'll be able to do:

  • Compose and schedule newsletters: You add media, links, and your own original text to your newsletter before publishing it straight away or scheduling at date and time for it to send.
  • Design your newsletter template: The Design tab under your Account settings lets you choose the color scheme for your newsletter, as well as how content will lay out when it's delivered to subscribers inboxes.

    Twitter 1
    You can change the layout and colors of your Newsletter.      Abbey White/Insider
  • Import email lists: Twitter's Newsletters platform lets you import emails through CSVs, Mailchimp, or add addresses manually - all options that are viewable via your Subscribers tab, which keeps an updated list of those who read your newsletter.
  • Embed social content: Twitter owning Revue means it prioritizes you integrating content from your Twitter profile, but you can also include posts and content from other social sites like Facebook and Medium.

    Twitter 2
    Select which social platform you want to source Newsletter content with.      Abbey White/Insider
  • Earn money from subscribers: Download the Stripe extension and link it to your Newsletters account to make revenue off the content you create and share. You can decide how much to charge your subscribers and determine whether an issue is available to all or only paid members.
  • Analyze engagement: Once your newsletter is out in the world, the Insights page will let you evaluate a ton of data related to your publication. Count unique opens, average open and click-through rates, degrees of engagement over time, as well as your subscriber growth and where it's coming from - think your profile page, API, imports, and manual adds - among things you can track.

    Twitter 3
    You can monitor your newsletter's performance, growth, and engagement.      Abbey White/Insider
  • Add team members, create custom domains and more: Under your Account settings, you can also create a custom newsletter domain, add google analytics, and change the language of your newsletter. In the Profile tab, you can update your newsletter image, issue description, newsletter welcome text, and address info.

How to sign up for Twitter Newsletters

You can access Newsletters from both the desktop site.

If you log in to Twitter through the web browser on your desktop or laptop, on the left side of your timeline you'll see a link that says "More." Click on that, and in the pop-up menu that appears, you'll see a list of options, including Newsletters.

Click the "Newsletters" option under the "More" menu on your Twitter dashboard.      Ron Lyons Jr./Insider

Newsletters are still unavailable through the mobile app, but if you access Twitter on a mobile browser, the Newsletter icon will appear in the pop-up menu after you tap on your profile picture.

Newsletters 1
You can access Newsletters while logged into Twitter on your mobile browser.      Ron Lyons Jr./Insider

Signing up for Twitter Newsletters

Here's a basic guide on how to get started making a newsletter.

  1. To use Twitter Newsletters, first sign up for a Revue account either with an email or Twitter account.

    Newsletter 3
    You can sign up for a Revue newsletter using your Twitter account.      Ron Lyons Jr./Insider
  2. Authorize the Revue app's ability to access your Twitter account.

    Revue 1
    You will need to authorize Revue to access your Twitter information.      Abbey White/Insider

  3. Create a profile URL, along with the title of your newsletter, and your country of residence.

    Revue 2
    Enter your newsletter name and let Revue know what country you reside in.      Abbey White/Insider
  4. Design and edit your newsletter's template, adjusting your section headers, text boxes, links, and media.

    Revue 3
    Create your newsletter content in the Revue CMS.      Abbey White/Insider

    Quick tip: Set a subject line for your first "issue," and consider adding articles and images already posted to your Twitter profile.
  5. Click the three dots underneath the Twitter icon in the right column to pull in content from social platforms - including Facebook, Instagram, and Medium - you want to integrate into your newsletter.

    Revue 3a
    Click these three dots to open a window and select which social platform you want to connect to.      Abbey White/Insider

    Quick tip: You can add browser extensions for Wordpress, Mailchimp, Stripe, LinkedIn, and Drupal, Stripe, and more to add paid versions of your newsletter, import subscribers, and embed sign-up forms for your newsletter into your personal website.
  6. Click "Preview" to review your issue in your browser or have a preview sent to your email address.

    Revue 4
    Select whether to view your preview on a browser or in an email.      Abbey White/Insider
  7. When you're finished, select "Schedule issue."
  8. You'll be prompted to "Add Subscribers," and taken to a screen where you can do it manually, through MailChimp, or by importing via CSV files or by pasting addresses.

    Newsletters 6
    You can import subscriber contacts using a CSV file or Mailchimp.      Ron Lyons Jr./Insider

    Quick tip: You can also add your own email to test out how your newsletter will look to subscribers.
  9. After your subscribers list is established, you can schedule your issue to send now or later.

    Revue 5
    You can choose when and where your Twitter newsletter will publish.      Abbey White/Insider
  10. A confirmation screen will detail when your issue is slated to publish, how many subscribers will see it, as well as an analytics chart that lets your track newsletter engagement will appear.

    From here you can "Edit" your newsletter before it sends or "Cancel" it altogether.

    Revue 6
    You can edit or cancel your Twitter newsletter issue.      Abbey White/Insider
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