Difference between OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7T

Difference between OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7T
Bengaluru: Carl Pei, Co-founder OnePlus at the launch of OnePlus 7 series phone at Bengaluru International Exhibition Centre, in Bengaluru on May 14, 2019. ( Photo: IANS)

Finally, the much awaited OnePlus 7T has been launched in India. If you already have OnePlus 7, you might want to upgrade for the new one. If you have not bought any one of them, you might want to know which one is better. In either case, read on to find out how do OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7T compare with each other to be able to make the best decision.

The expert insider view says OnePlus 7T is not just a mid-life update of OnePlus 7. In many ways, it is a new phone altogether.

If you explore the prices of these two versions in the market today, you will find the price tags as follows. The festival discounts available right now sell OnePlus 7 with a price tag of Rs. 29,999. On the other hand, the prices of OnePlus 7T can range between Rs. 37,999 and Rs. 39,999. Roughly there could be a difference of 8 to 10 thousands between them. Now we need to understand in what ways OnePlus 7T has improved over its predecessor that justify its considerably higher price.
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What has changed now with OnePlus7T?

Those who have rushed to grab a new handset of OnePlus 7T say they have been impressed by the several new improved features. This new version is surely an upgrade over the OnePlus 7 in many ways. We can include in this list, the cameras, battery, design, display and many more.


OnePlus 7 was released in the summer of 2019. It is certainly a distinguished phone in many unique ways. Technically speaking, it is an upgrade over the OnePlus 6T that was released last year. Given this fact, it is really justified to buy it at a starting price of Rs. 32, 999 as this is certainly a highly polished android phone you will find around you. However, OnePlus 7T has several interesting and admirable upgrades over OnePlus 7 and so you must not hesitate to spend those few extra thousands to get those highly exciting extras.

OnePlus 7T has come a long way

Going by specifications, we see there is nothing much similar to OnePlus 7. OnePlus 7T has got a lot more including the display and cameras. We can even say it is a generation upgrade over its immediate predecessor. If we need to talk of the similarity, we can make a mention of the 48-megapixel camera that remains the same in both the models.

OnePlus 7T design is slightly taller and bigger than OnePlus 7. Even the rear side has received a facelift this time.

The display of OnePlus 7T is really great. Growing a step higher than the 6.4-inch FHD+ Optic AMOLED display, the OnePlus 7T sports a 6.55-inch Optic AMOLED FHD+ display coming with a refresh rate of 90Hz and a capacity to support HDR10+ colours.

The Snapdragon 855 Plus chipset upgrade with OnePlus 7T offers 14 percent better graphical performance and 4 per cent enhanced CPU performance. This is real good news for mobile gamers.

This time, the 3700 mAh battery has grown into 3,800 mAh battery. More than that, the Warp Charge 30T system offers 18 percent faster charging speeds.

The new triple camera system makes the all new OnePlus 7T highly suitable for shutterbugs.

Final verdict

If you wish to upgrade or if you wish to buy OnePlus 7T, the few more thousands you will have to spend is fully justified considering the long list of interesting upgrades you will find on the newest version.