How does Apple retain its customers?

How does Apple retain its customers?

Apple has marvellously managed to keep its users in the Apple ecosystem. It’s very easy to become a part of it, but just as difficult to get out of it. Android is doing all that it can to seduce apple users but it’s harder than they think. Let’s look what Apple users will miss if they decide to switch to android.


For starters, the iMessage syncs seamlessly with all your Apple devices. For an Apple user to stop using iMessage, they will have to deregister themselves from iMessage on and switch off iMessage on all devices or else they will continue receiving iMessages and they won’t be able to view them.
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The iCloud is Apple’s built-in cloud system that helps a user keep notes, photos and calendar events in one place across all devices. There’s no easy way to transfer all iCloud data to your new android smartphone since android doesn’t have an internal cloud system of their own. You can, however, use the google drive if that is what you have been using all along to store your data. Another problem is the photos and videos that haven’t been backed up on the iCloud. Maybe the phone carrier can transfer it for you, or you can use apps like Google Photos and Dropbox.

Paid Apps

Even though the Playstore has more apps than the App Store, you may have to pay for iOS apps once you switch to android. Also, you will have to download all the apps again on your android smartphone.


Airdrop is another important feature that is very hard to say goodbye to. The Apple user will no longer have the ease of transferring data to other Apple devices once the switch is made to android.

Built-in Apple Apps

Users will also lose in-built Apple apps like facetime, podcasts, news, etc. Apart from the software, there will be no use for all the Apple accessories that you have invested in.

Expensive Accessories Will Be Wasted

The airpods will work with your android device but will be of poor quality, and the Apple watch along with the other Apple cables will only be collecting dust. The user will feel this loss since Apple products and accessories are quite heavy on the wallet.

It can thus be concluded that Apple users are in an ecosystem weaved so well that saying goodbye is easier said than done.