10 things in tech: Facebook trolls - Musk in court - Crypto resort

10 things in tech: Facebook trolls - Musk in court - Crypto resort


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1. Facebook employees are frustrated with racist comments attacking English soccer players. Comments have flooded players' accounts after England lost the Euro Cup final, and workers are begging Facebook to take more action. This is what you need to know.

2. Amazon has won permission to monitor your sleep. The FCC will allow Amazon to make a device that can remotely monitor people's sleep using radar technology. Here's how it'll work.


3. A secret club is helping prepare young CEOs to take over the world. It costs $7,950 to get in, and members (all of whom must run a $20 million company before age 45), are sworn to secrecy. Take a look inside the world of the Young Presidents Organization.

4. A couple says their Tesla Solar panels caused mold, $115,000 in damages, and a lengthy legal battle. The pair believes the solar panels have caused relentless leaks - and feel like they're trapped in a lease that Tesla won't let them escape.

5. Richard Branson's photo of him and a barefoot Elon Musk has found a second home on WikiFeet. There, the people of the internet deemed the Tesla CEO's feet only worthy of a mere 2.7-star rating. Both Branson's and Jeff Bezos' feet have higher ratings.

6. Elon Musk said he never rage-fired employees, he just gives "clear and frank" feedback. While in court yesterday to defend Tesla's acquisition of SolarCity in 2016, Musk denied his so-called rage-firing sprees. More on that here.

7. Las Vegas has a new $4.3 billion crypto-friendly resort. Resorts World Las Vegas has tech-forward amenities like "cashless wagering" - and is the first new casino on the Strip in a decade. Take a tour of the new hotel.


8. Tesla finally updated its full self-driving software - but with a warning. The company advised its customers that the tech might "do the wrong thing at the worst time." Here's why Elon Musk told drivers to be "paranoid."

9. Startup employees dish on using "secondary" markets before an IPO. Secondary markets let shareholders in startups sell before the companies go public - an option that comes with pros and cons. Here's what startup employees told us about secondary markets.

10. The frenzied job market is getting crazier by the day. The economy is in the middle of a game of musical chairs - a transformation of the job market that has left employers scrambling to retain employees and attract new ones. What you need to know about "The Great Reshuffle."

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