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10 Things in Tech: 'I saw a quantum computer,' Gen Zer learns data analytics on YouTube, and Ford's Ranger Raptor

Diamond Naga Siu   

10 Things in Tech: 'I saw a quantum computer,' Gen Zer learns data analytics on YouTube, and Ford's Ranger Raptor
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Wow, Monday comes so quickly. I'm Diamond Naga Siu, and I was a member of The Great Resignation when I joined Insider. Now, I'm likely a member of the next workplace era: The Big Stay.

The massive pay bumps from the past few years are mostly gone. So Americans are suddenly quitting their jobs at way lower rates than before. My colleague Madison Hoff gives us a first-look at this emerging era and breaks down the lingering workplace trend.

Before I go plan some career goals, let's dive into today's tech.

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1. Google's AI demonstration showed how Big Tech keeps on winning. Lots of startups are throwing their hat into the generative AI race. But it looks like Big Tech has a leg up on the competition. And Google's AI event last week underscored this advantage.

  • Google is putting its latest AI model into the hands of billions of people by integrating the tech into popular products like Gmail. This type of reach is only dreamed of by most companies. And it makes competitors even more dependent on Big Tech companies.
  • Take OpenAI for example — it launched the AI fervor with ChatGPT and has the most advanced tech so far. But without its Microsoft partnership (which brought OpenAI's tech to hundreds of millions of people) it won't stay ahead.
  • My colleague Hugh Langley highlights how size and reach, not just quality, will win the AI race and breaks down how Big Tech is set to reap most of the spoils.

Dive into the "race" for AI here.

In other news:

2. "I saw a quantum computer." The powerful, new device was unveiled in a Denver, Colorado data center. It's housed in a drab, windowless room, and Insider's Julie Bort was one of a handful of people given a look. Check it out here.

3. Linda Yaccarino's jump to Twitter CEO leaves NBCUniversal in crisis. She spent nearly 12 years at the company and left days before the biggest ad industry conference of the year. An executive told Insider that her departure is like the "Cuban missile crisis." Dive into the turmoil here.

4. DeepMind co-founder Mustafa Suleyman has a chilling warning for Google, his former employer. Suleyman believes the internet as we know it will fundamentally change and "old school" Search will be gone in a decade. Here's why.

5. AI "digital workers" can complete 1-month tasks in 10 minutes. The state of New Mexico employs 30 "digital workers." They tackle repetitive tasks that free staff up to do other things — it's a model for what the future of work could look like. Check it out here.

6. This Gen Zer learned how to be a data analyst via YouTube. His career switch led to a 40% salary bump and stronger benefits. Plus, he and his wife paid down their debts and can now pursue their true passion — traveling. Follow his journey here.

7. Once upon a time, this team lip-synced Frozen's "Let It Go" during a Zoom meeting. It was incredibly awkward. But it was also their best team-building moment ever. Now, the recording lives happily ever after online. Watch it here.

8. Ford's "beastly" Ranger Raptor is finally coming to the US. The aggressive-looking, desert-shredding pickup will be available in the US for the first time ever. It's redesigned with a 2.7-liter, turbocharged V6 engine, upgraded interior, and more. Hop in for the full ride here.

Odds and ends:

9. Russian tycoon sues the UK to get his $48 million superyacht back. The massive vessel — featuring an "infinite wine cellar" — was seized by the government (see it chilling in Canary Wharf here). But now, the property developer wants it back. Set sail here for the full story.

10. Everything you need to know about the Apple Watch Series 8. It's a major upgrade for older WatchOS users. The wearable boasts 36 hours of battery life, advanced health and fitness sensors, and a premium design. Get a full look at it here.

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