10 Things in Tech: LinkedIn ghostwriters

10 Things in Tech: LinkedIn ghostwriters
Ghostwritten content is prevalent on LinkedIn.Basak Gurbuz Derman/Getty Images

Welcome back, readers. We're taking you inside the world of LinkedIn ghostwriters who help execs become influencers, and sharing our picks for the best Android tablets.


Shall we?

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1. On LinkedIn, ghostwriting is a booming business. As LinkedIn has evolved from a destination for digital résumés to a global content hub, execs are working to amplify their personal and professional brands on the platform. Enter: ghostwriters.


  • Around the world, a burgeoning community of agencies and freelancers are quietly working as ghostwriters, helping executives post prolifically, build their brands, and become LinkedIn influencers.
  • For execs who don't have the time or can't quite hack it as a writer, LinkedIn ghostwriters help them create content, write posts, and conduct research.
  • The most in-demand ghostwriters earn between $500 to $700 an hour — putting them in the same pay bracket as some high-powered attorneys.

How ghostwriters are cashing in on the networking site.

In other news:

10 Things in Tech: LinkedIn ghostwriters
Tesla's home-charging cable plugs into a garage outlet.Tesla

2. Tesla will now make you buy a charger for your car separately. Taking a page out of Apple's book, CEO Elon Musk just announced Tesla has stopped including charging cables with its electric cars, but that it'll be dropping the price of the cables. Everything you need to know.

3. A former TikTok employee said he experienced a "996" culture of overwork and secrecy. Pabel Martinez, who quit his $220,000 job after a year, claimed managers asked employees to attend meetings during weekends, and that the company was secretive about revenue information, even internally. Here's what else he told us.


4. Twitter's board outlined its "poison-pill" defense against Elon Musk's takeover bid. The plan will be triggered if Musk, or any other investor expands their stake in Twitter to over 15%. Here's how the board intends to protect itself against "unfair takeover tactics."

5. In "Zoomtowns," highly paid remote workers are driving out locals. Working from home has allowed white-collar workers to take their big-city paychecks to smaller, cheaper cities — which, in some cases, has pushed long-time locals into tent cities or homeless shelters. Welcome to America's new Zoomtowns.

6. A chatbot is helping Ukrainians report Russian troops to the government. The app, launched in 2020, was meant to help citizens access their identity cards and pay taxes. Now, citizens are using one of its features to share the type and number of troops they've seen, and where they saw them. How the feature, E-Enemy, works.

7. Several investors want Marc Andreessen and Peggy Alford off Facebook's board. In a new disclosure with the SEC, a group of 15 investors and advisors claim both executives are too close to Zuckerberg to be considered "independent." What we know so far.

8. Rivian's CEO warned the looming EV battery shortage could be worse than the chip shortage. While giving a tour of the company's plant, RJ Scaringe said a shortage of EV batteries will soon make the chip shortage feel like "a small appetizer."


Odds and ends:

10 Things in Tech: LinkedIn ghostwriters
Amazon; Samsung; Lenovo; Marianne Ayala/Insider

9. We ranked the four best Android tablets for all ages and budgets. Whether you're looking for a cheap tablet, a sturdy tablet for your kids to knock around, or simply the best Android can offer, we've got you covered. See our picks here.

10. The CEO of Shutterstock shares how he organizes his mornings. Stan Pavlovsky starts his day with a cup of coffee while catching up on the day's finance and tech news and Slack DMs. How he structures his mornings.

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