10 things in tech you need to know today

10 things in tech you need to know today
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1. Amazon-owned Twitch was hacked. The massively popular video-game-streaming site was breached, resulting in a major data leak.

  • The leak included everything from Twitch's original source code to several years of popular creators' payout information. See how much top streamers are getting paid.
  • The people claiming responsibility said it was to "foster more disruption and competition in the online video streaming space" because Twitch's community is "a disgusting toxic cesspool."
  • It's unclear if user data was breached - but users might want to change their passwords and set up two-factor authentication.

2. Facebook is holding off on new products that could hurt its reputation. Sources told the Wall Street Journal that Facebook is conducting "reputational reviews" to see if new products could invite public criticism. Here's what you need to know.


3. Laurene Powell Jobs has multiplied her fortune and power by acting nothing like Steve Jobs (most of the time). Ten years after Jobs' death, his widow's rise as a $16 billion power player in media and politics doesn't look like the hard-edged kingdom of her husband - but some parallels are slowly starting to show. Read our exclusive profile of Powell Jobs.

4. Amazon has won $650 million in tax breaks from local and state governments so far this year. The incentives, most of which were issued to help expand local delivery, mark the most subsidies Amazon has won in any single year. Get the latest on the company's unprecedented tax breaks.

5. The Facebook whistleblower told Congress it should amend Section 230. Section 230 allows tech companies to moderate content on their services - and also means they're not liable for illegal things that people say on their platforms. Here's how the law works.

6. Andy Jassy said Amazon's COVID-19 paid leave policy "didn't work the way we wanted it to work." Amazon had promised two weeks' sick pay to workers with positive tests or quarantine orders, but workers have accused the company of failing to pay. See what else he said about the policy's shortcomings.

7. Elon Musk may move Tesla's headquarters to Austin. Musk has already moved to Texas and relocated his foundation there. Now, Tesla's annual shareholder meeting is taking place there, which some have predicted may mean a big move in the future. More on that here.


8. A former Pinterest whistleblower created a handbook to help tech workers safely speak up. The handbook, designed for would-be whistleblowers, offers guidance on finding a lawyer, understanding nondisclosure agreements, and other issues. Check out the "Tech Worker Handbook."

9. Some startup founders are turning down VC money. In today's frenzied funding environment, founders have more options than ever to raise capital, and many are turning to nontraditional ways - like crowdsourcing or raising debt - to do it. Eleven startup founders explain why they're turning away VCs to self-fund their companies.

10. Lucid insiders worry its CEO's "vendetta" against Elon Musk could hold the company back. For Peter Rawlinson, beating his one-time boss and building the "best car in the world" has always been part of the plan. But employees told us his obsession with outdoing Musk could undermine the EV startup's bid to be the next Tesla.

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