10 things in tech you need to know today

10 things in tech you need to know today


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1. Apple is expected to reveal new MacBook Pros today. The company's "Unleashed" event is streaming live at 1 p.m. ET, where it's slated to unveil much-anticipated MacBook Pros, and possibly a new Mac Mini and the AirPods 3. Here's how to watch the big announcement.

2. Facebook says it uses AI to identify and remove posts containing hate speech and violence. Experts say it doesn't really work. The Wall Street Journal reported that senior engineers say the system only removed posts that generated just 2% hate speech viewed on the platform. This is what we know about the flawed tech.


3. The Elizabeth Holmes trial: The defense gets smacked down twice in one day. Journalists and their publications argued three separate matters before the court, including attorneys' attempt - and failure - to bar reporter John Carreyrou from the trial. Here's what else happened in court this week.

4. Apple fired another employee who brought attention to issues at the company. According to The Verge, the company fired a program manager who helped create the #AppleToo worker movement, marking the second employee to be let go in recent months for similar reasons. A look at what we know so far.

5. Instagram uses most of its $390 million global advertising budget to target teens. According to The New York Times, the company sees the loss of teenage users as an "existential threat" - and uses hundreds of millions of dollars to retain and attract young users. Why the app is so fixated on teens.

6. iPhone maker Foxconn will reveal three electric vehicles today. The company teased the new EVs - a bus, a sedan, and an SUV - in a video. Check out the cars for yourself.

7. Netflix fired the organizer of a trans employee walkout. Netflix fired the employee - who led a protest against the company's handling of Dave Chappelle's comedy special - for leaking financial information to Bloomberg. Get the latest on the ongoing controversy at Netflix.


8. Porsche is now selling more electric Taycans than its flagship sports car. While only in its second year of production, the Porsche Taycan EV is already starting to outsell the brand's iconic 911. Read up on the Taycan's booming sales.

9. Andreessen Horowitz has a fresh $2.2 billion to invest in crypto - and is hiring people to help spend it. The famed venture firm has been scooping up Gen Z VCs and experts to help it push further into crypto. Meet 12 employees calling the shots.

10. The cloud software industry is at a moment of reckoning - and winners and losers will be made. Cloud software growth is dipping as pandemic restrictions ease, but Wall Street still wants more, forcing companies like Zoom to find new ways to grow. Take an inside look at what analysts are predicting for the industry.

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