10 things in tech you need to know today

10 things in tech you need to know today


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1. Facebook is out. Meta is in. Mark Zuckerberg announced the company's new name is Meta, a shift that reflects its decision to push into the metaverse. Analysts explained the real reason behind the rebrand.

  • Despite the name overhaul, its flagship apps - Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp - will remain the same, just under the Meta umbrella (kind of like how Google operates under the Alphabet umbrella).
  • The announcement came during yesterday's Connect event, which also brought news of a high-tech VR headset codenamed "Project Cambria."
  • Zuckerberg also revealed that "Grand Theft Auto" is coming to its virtual reality headsets.

2. Elon Musk is criticizing the billionaire tax again. This time, the Tesla CEO said that instead of paying $50 billion in taxes, he would use the money to take humanity to Mars and "preserve the light of consciousness."


3. Zillow is selling hundreds of homes for less than it paid for them. An Insider analysis found that almost two-thirds of the homes Zillow is listing in markets like Atlanta, Phoenix, and Houston were selling for less than it paid - a signal that one of its main revenue strategies may be floundering.

4. Employees are writing concerned farewell messages as they leave Facebook. One warned the company's reliance on AI won't save it from pressing issues. Another said they were feeling gaslit by management and increasingly burnt out. See the messages employees left for their peers.

5. We profiled 15 power players at $95 billion-valued Stripe. The fintech giant, founded by Irish brothers John and Patrick Collison, is reportedly closing in on one of Silicon Valley's most-anticipated public listings. Here are the top execs leading Stripe's monstrous growth.

6. Palantir's cofounder drew criticism for saying six-month paternity leave is for "losers." Joe Lonsdale, a prominent VC and software firm cofounder, said new fathers should return to work to earn more money, calling it "the correct masculine response." Twitter users are dragging him and experts say his comments are antiquated.

7. McDonald's is all-in on automated drive-thrus. As the fast-food chain grapples with a labor shortage, it's partnered with IBM to implement AI technology in its drive-thrus. What we know about automated McDonald's.


8. A Japanese startup launched preorders for a $680,000 hoverbike. The startup, ALI Technologies, built a flying bike that can reach speeds of 62 mph, and that it hopes to deliver in 2022. Take a look at the hoverbike.

9. A recent grad explains how she landed a job at Microsoft - without a tech background. Jasmine Bortters, a video project manager, broke into the industry by revamping her LinkedIn profile and curating her personal brand. From consistently posting to highlighting transferable skills, she shares how to make a stand-out profile.

10. Anti-vaxxers are targeting young mothers - right under Facebook's nose. During the pandemic, anti-vaxxers shifted their attention to right-leaning adults. Now, they're back stoking mothers' fears by posting misinformation online, often going undetected by social-media companies. Why - and how - anti-vaxxers are going after moms.

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