A laid-off Microsoft software engineer on an H1-B visa said she wonders 'where will I be living' with just 60 days to find a new job

A laid-off Microsoft software engineer on an H1-B visa said she wonders 'where will I be living' with just 60 days to find a new job
Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft.Sean Gallup/Getty Images
  • A Microsoft software engineer said in a LinkedIn post she had many unanswered questions after being laid off.
  • Lupe Canaviri Maydana wondered "where will I be living" as she is running against the clock.

A Microsoft software engineer of nearly two years was among the company's 10,000 laid-off workers in January and said it left her with many unanswered questions.

Lupe Canaviri Maydana, from Seattle, Washington, wrote in a Monday LinkedIn post — a week after learning she'd been let go — that there had been a "lot of things to process" including the daunting thought of where she would be living.

"This change hit me with a lot of questions, which in the next months I will have to figure it out," she wrote, before listing some of her questions: "Where will I be living? Which role will I take? Which company will be next in my journey?"

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The information listed on her LinkedIn profile, including her previous employment and which university she attended, indicates she is originally from Bolivia.

Maydana is on an H-1B visa, which means she only has 60 days from the day she was relieved from her employment duties to find another job or she will need to depart the United States, according to Herman, a law firm that specializes in immigrant rights.


She worked at Microsoft as a front-end developer, according to her LinkedIn profile. As part of some of her achievements, she wrote in the job's description that she "implemented a tool to get analytics of how around a million users are interacting with Ads Web App."

Maydana also wanted to thank the people who helped her learn and grow: "I am grateful for having the opportunity to work with such brilliant people and in a product that billions of people are using daily."

Her next challenge: finding out if she can get another job within the next 60 days of her grace period.

Maydana is among thousands of other employees who have had their life upended amid mass layoffs sweeping across the tech industry. A Google engineer found out she had been laid off when her boss sent her a LinkedIn message while she was on vacation.

Maydana didn't immediately respond to a request for comment by Insider, made outside normal working hours.