A new website compiles salaries for jobs at 700 top tech firms, from Amazon to Google — see what your job is worth

A new website compiles salaries for jobs at 700 top tech firms, from Amazon to Google — see what your job is worth
A new website can help those with a job in tech, and those searching for one, to better gauge how much money they should be making.sorbetto / Getty Images
  • A new website is compiling salaries for tech jobs at hundreds of industry giants and top startups.
  • Comprehensive.io aggregates pay data from the careers pages of tech employers like Amazon and Google.

If you have — or are looking for — a job in tech, there's a new tool you should be using to see how much money you should be making.

It's a website, Comprehensive.io, and it just launched Thursday. The site aggregates salary ranges for jobs at 700 top tech firms and startups. Its software visits the careers sites of these employers everyday to update numbers daily as new job posts are added.

The database is possible thanks to pay transparency laws that recently took effect in places like New York City, California, and Washington state, which are home to major tech hubs. The laws require most employers in those jurisdictions, including tech behemoths, to list salary ranges in job posts.

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For those who already have a job in tech, try filtering results by your job title under "Top Paying Companies" to see where you could be making the most money, and where your company falls in the range. If you're job searching, you can find the average pay range for a specific role under "Popular Job Titles," based on pay data from various companies. This feature can also be helpful for negotiating a salary or raise.

The site was built by compensation software startup Comprehensive, whose co-founder Roger Lee launched the website layoffs.fyi in 2020 to track the slew of tech jobs cut during the pandemic.


"I'm keenly aware that hundreds of thousands of tech employees have lost their jobs over the past few years. I hope that Comprehensive.io can be useful to job seekers as they navigate this fast-evolving talent market," Lee said. "I also believe that having access to this salary information will help promote fair pay by leveling the playing field for job seekers and employees."

Note that Comprehensive.io currently only gives results for California and New York City tech jobs. As more pay data becomes available, it will track salaries at more tech employers and branch into other industries as well, Lee says.