All of Apple's 270 stores in the US are now open for the first time since March 2020

All of Apple's 270 stores in the US are now open for the first time since March 2020
Marcos del Mazo/LightRocket via Getty Images
  • Apple re-opened the last of its Texas stores on Monday, meaning all its 270 US locations are now open.
  • This has not been the case since March 13, 2020, when Apple shut all its stores outside China.
  • Apple has had to adapt to the pandemic, closing stores and changing them to "express" shops.

Apple has opened all of its US stores for the first time in just under a year, 9to5 Mac reports.

On March 13, 2020, Apple closed all of its stores outside of mainland China in response to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Since then, the openings of its US stores have fluctuated, with virus spikes sometimes forcing closures state-to-state.

On Monday, however, Apple re-opened its Texas stores in Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio, meaning all 270 of its physical US stores are now open at the same time.

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Apple is also gradually expanding the number of physical stores allowing consumers to shop as usual, instead of the "Express" stores it has been operating at various locations throughout the pandemic.

These Express stores have a counter and a wall of plexiglass towards the front, where customers are able to pick up products they've ordered online at an appointed time.


According to 9to5 Mac, Apple converted roughly 24 stores in various US states, including California, Kentucky, and New York, back to allow shopping sessions on Monday. Shoppers are required to wear masks, observe social distancing, and take health and temperature checks at the door.

Apple is also expanding its physical presence by introducing kiosks inside Target stores at 17 locations across the US this month.