Amazon says it has resolved connectivity issues affecting some AWS servers

Amazon says it has resolved connectivity issues affecting some AWS servers
Amazon said Wednesday the firm was investigating connectivity issues related to AWS.Noah Berger/Getty Images
  • Amazon has resolved connectivity issues with AWS servers in Oregon and California.
  • The issues appeared to impact Netflix, Twitch, Slack, and other sites that use AWS.

Amazon says it has resolved connectivity issues for Amazon Web Services servers located in Oregon and California.

Amazon said it resolved issues it identified in the US-WEST-1 Region in Northern California as of 8 a.m. PST, and about 15 minutes later resolved issues in Oregon that were first identified around 7:42 a.m. PST, according to the AWS status dashboard:

Between 7:14 AM PST and 7:59 AM PST, customers experienced elevated network packet loss that impacted connectivity to a subset of Internet destinations. Traffic within AWS Regions, between AWS Regions, and to other destinations on the Internet was not impacted. The issue was caused by network congestion between parts of the AWS Backbone and a subset of Internet Service Providers, which was triggered by AWS traffic engineering, executed in response to congestion outside of our network. This traffic engineering incorrectly moved more traffic than expected to parts of the AWS Backbone that affected connectivity to a subset of Internet destinations. The issue has been resolved, and we do not expect a recurrence.

Connectivity issues did not appear to impact AWS servers in South America, Europe, Africa, or Asia.

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Before they were resolved, the issues appeared to lead to service interruptions to Netflix, Twitch, Slack, and many other sites that use AWS, according to DownDetector.

The cloud service experienced a similar outage on December 7 when an AWS outage caused service interruptions to Netflix, Disney+, Tinder, Roku, and Ring home security services.


Amazon customers complained on social media they could not access home monitoring systems, Ring doorbells, or baby monitors due to the outage.

Amazon told employees the December 7 outage stemmed from a sudden surge of traffic that caused problems to "several network devices within the internal AWS network," according to leaked documents reviewed by Insider.