Apple glasses may feature a direct retinal projector that could project a screen over user’s eyeballs

Apple glasses may feature a direct retinal projector that could project a screen over user’s eyeballs
Representational imagePhoto by Josh Calabrese on Unsplash
  • Apple may be working on a system for its glasses that can project the screen directly onto the user’s eye-balls.
  • As per a patent, the projection technology is called direct retinal projector.
  • The direct retinal projector uses a complex setup of multiple components including mirrors, projectors and lenses.

We have been hearing rumours and leaks about the arrival of Apple glasses for a few years now. As per another leak, Apple is working on a technology for its glasses that could project the screen directly onto the user’s retina, without needing a traditional display.

According to the claims in the patent that was filed in 2017, the projection technology called direct retinal projector will feature one or more controllers, a scanning mirror, an ellipsoid mirror, a projector, an adjustable focusing lens and a position sensing detector.

Apart from the complex setup, the glasses may also have other components in the final design, as it looks to bring both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) components into its future glasses. As per the patent, “a VR or AR headset system is described that may include or implement different techniques and components of the direct retinal projector”.
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How will it work?

The direct retinal projector may track the gaze of the user, so it can automatically adjust projection of light field and use mirrors to reflect it accurately into the user’s eyeballs, without the use of traditional display.


If the system uses an AR/VR technology, users will get to experience an immersive artificial environment, where they could feel as if they are present in that environment.

When will it be available?

If the latest rumours are to be believed, we may see Apple’s first-ever glasses in the first half of 2022. However, whether these glasses will feature the direct retinal projector is yet to be ascertained.

It is highly unlikely that Apple’s first-generation glasses will feature this technology. However, we may see it in its second-generation glasses that could be released in 2023.

You should note that these are just rumours and leaks and we are yet to hear the confirmation from Apple themselves. Until then, let’s wait and see what we will get with its first new offering since the Apple Watch.

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