Apple goes big on privacy, security of iPhone, Apple Watch and more at WWDC 2023, know all details here

Apple goes big on privacy, security of iPhone, Apple Watch and more at WWDC 2023, know all details here
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  • Apple enhances Safari Private Browsing to protect against trackers.
  • Content Warning feature will hide explicit images and videos.
  • Lockdown Mode added to protect users from targeted spyware attacks.
During its annual developer conference, WWDC 2023, Apple made significant announcements regarding updates to its operating systems, including iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS, and MacOS. The company also highlighted its latest advancements in privacy and security, unveiling noteworthy enhancements such as Safari Private Browsing, Communication Safety, Lockdown Mode, and improvements in app privacy.

Business Insider India delves into the details of these new features that will be available on Apple devices.

Safari goes more secure

This year Safari has undergone a significant update to provide even stronger protection against trackers and unauthorised access to user devices. The enhanced Private Browsing feature now automatically locks the browsing window when idle, allowing users to keep their tabs open even when they step away from their device. This ensures that their browsing activity remains private and secure.

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Moreover, Apple has implemented improvements to the Photos privacy permissions. A new embedded Photos picker enables users to selectively share specific photos with apps while keeping the rest of their photo library confidential. When an app requests access to the entire photo library, users will receive more detailed information about what will be shared, accompanied by periodic reminders of their previous choice. These enhancements give users better control over their personal photos and reinforce their privacy preferences.

Enhanced privacy in communication

The enhanced version of Communication Safety has been expanded to include video content in addition to still images. It now offers an API that enables developers to seamlessly incorporate Communication Safety directly into their applications. Furthermore, this feature has been extended to ensure the safety of children while sending and receiving content through various channels, including AirDrop, FaceTime video messages, the Phone app (when receiving Contact Posters), and the Photos picker for selecting content to send.

Link-Tracking Protection now available in Messages, Mail, and Safari Private Browsing


Certain websites use additional data in their URLs to monitor users across different websites. However, with the forthcoming updates expected later this year, this supplementary information will be eliminated from the links shared by users in Messages and Mail. Despite this change, the shared links will continue to function normally without any issues.

Passwords and Passkeys updates

To facilitate the convenient and secure sharing of passwords and passkeys, users have the option to form a group where a collection of passwords can be shared. Within this group, all members possess the ability to add and modify passwords, ensuring their accuracy and currency. The sharing process takes place through iCloud Keychain, employing end-to-end encryption for enhanced security. Furthermore, Safari has introduced a new feature that automatically autofills one-time verification codes received in Mail, enabling seamless and secure logins without having to switch away from the browser. With the ability to share passwords and passkeys among groups, users can ensure that everyone stays updated and maintains access to shared accounts.

Sensitive content warning

Sensitive Content Warning is an optional feature designed to assist adult users in preventing exposure to undesired nude images and videos. This feature provides protection in various scenarios, including Messages, AirDrop, the Phone app (when receiving a Contact Poster), and FaceTime video messages. By enabling Sensitive Content Warning, adults can actively avoid encountering explicit content that they prefer not to see.

Lockdown mode

Lockdown Mode has been enhanced to provide better safeguards for individuals who may become targets of mercenary spyware due to their identity or professional activities. Activating Lockdown Mode not only minimises vulnerabilities but also reduces the potential for attacks on individuals requiring heightened protection. Furthermore, Lockdown Mode will now be available on watchOS as well.