Apple brings a new lock screen experience in iOS 16 with new widgets, revamped notifications and more

Apple brings a new lock screen experience in iOS 16 with new widgets, revamped notifications and more

  • iOS 16 brings new widgets for the lock screen, revamped notifications and more.
  • With iOS 16 update, the lock screen will look different and will become more customizable similar to Android.
  • Apple’s changes to the lock screen and notifications are the most significant since the launch of iOS 12.
  • The iOS 16 update brings new features to Wallet, Maps and Fitness apps.
Apple unveiled iOS 16 at Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2022, bringing a slew of new features to iPhones. According to the company, the iOS 16 update will roll out later this year along with a revamped lock screen and notifications.

The most significant change in iOS 16 is the revamped lock screen which features a wide range of layouts and customization options. There are template options that will let users choose different accent colours and font styles along with widgets that can be accessed without unlocking the iPhone.

Users can also create their custom lock screens using emoji or colour combinations.
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iOS 16 update – what’s new
iOS 16 is also bringing ‘Photo Shuffle’ mode that will allow users to switch their lock screen. Additionally, a new wallpaper feature will let users select dynamic wallpapers that can change based on time and live weather conditions.


Apple has introduced a new feature ‘Live Activities’, which will give users a chance to keep track of live and current events such as live game scores and trending news updates from the lock screen.
Apple brings a new lock screen experience in iOS 16 with new widgets, revamped notifications and more
Another big update features revamped notifications. Now, notifications will use bolder text and images giving you better visibility. The lock screen notification can be scrolled up from the bottom of the screen, making it easier to tap and access with one hand.
Apple brings a new lock screen experience in iOS 16 with new widgets, revamped notifications and more
With iOS 16, Apple is bringing Focus mode to the lock screen. Users can activate Focus modes from the lock screen with a swipe.

Messages in iOS 16 is getting a massive update. According to Apple, users can edit texts even if they have been sent. Additionally, users can recall, recover deleted messages and mark conversations as unread. SharePlay is also coming to Messages allowing users to enjoy synced content such as music or movies while chatting in Messages.

WWDC: Updated features and services
The roughly two-hour presentation was packed with some bombshell features for its devices. Check the detailed list below.

Similar to Gmail, scheduling for email is coming to the Mail app on iOS 16. Users can also cancel the sending of an email before it is delivered to a recipient’s inbox. Users will also be notified if they forgot to add an attachment in their email along with ‘Remind Later’ and ‘Follow up’ suggestions.

Enhanced diction, Live text and more
The new update will automatically add punctuation and emojis while using the dictation feature.

The Live text feature will be expanding to video. Users can pause a video on any frame to interact with the text. The Live text also adds the ability for quick translation.

In iOS 16, Visual Look Up has also been updated. Now, users can tap and hold on a subject to lift it from the image and place it into other apps like Messages. Also, Visual Look Up can be used to identify plants, insects, birds and more from images or videos.

Apple Wallet
With iOS 16, Apple Wallet is getting a major update. Users can share ID, hotel or car keys directly via using Messages and Mail apps allowing them to access the same keys directly from Apple’s Wallet app.

Apple has also announced support for Apple Pay Later allowing users to make payments with no fees and no interest for over six months.

Apple Maps
The upcoming update will bring deeper insight into maps. Users who rely on public transport will get regular transit updates including the cost of travelling.

Fitness app
Now by using the Fitness app users can track and meet fitness goals even if they don’t have an Apple Watch by setting daily move goals via Fitness app. Meanwhile, the Health app is also updated for the new Medications feature. With this new feature, users can add and manage their ongoing medications by creating reminders and schedules.

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