Apple Wonderlust highlights – iPhone comes with titanium design and type-C port; new watch introduces double tap feature

Apple Wonderlust highlights – iPhone comes with titanium design and type-C port; new watch introduces double tap feature
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  • The iPhone 15 Pro is priced starting at ₹1,34,900, while the iPhone 15 Pro Max is priced starting at ₹1,59,900.
  • The Apple Watch Series 9 uses 100% recycled aluminum in its cases and has 100% recycled cobalt in the battery.
  • As expected, the iPhone has been launched with an USB type -C port.

Apple is hosting their Wonderlust event from their Cupertino headquarters. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple has confirmed the launch of the Apple watch as well as the new iPhone series. Below are the updates shared by the company during the event.

The main launch: iPhone

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The phone comes with a dynamic island on the regular iPhone 15. It will expand and adjust as per the alerts. New features like directions and music have been added. The phone will support Dolby vision with peak brightness at 2,000 nits.

As expected, the phone has been launched with an USB type -C port. This will make charging, transferring data faster.


The iPhone will have an ionic shield upfront which will be water and dust resistant.

The phone will be built on 75% recycled aluminum and 100% recycled cobalt.

The phone comes in 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch size with a contoured edge. It has an infused glass design. The phone will offer new colours too with a textured matte finish.

The iPhone runs on A16 Bionic which is in line with what was being expected. The company says that the phone battery has been improved to better the performance with all day battery life.

Ultra wide band chip added to the iPhone 15 for better ecosystem and precision finding.

The phone itself will have a voice isolation feature which will make noise cancellation easy.

The phone has an emergency SOS feature connected via a satellite (only for the American market). The satellite services is free for two years on iPhone 15.

The new iPhone camera

The phone comes with an upgraded camera with a 48MP primary camera. It will have a double resolution to better the image quality. Moreover, the phone will have a 12MP telephoto camera. The 2X telephoto has continuous zoom.

Apple has also given an option to make pictures better with an enhanced Portrait mode. The focus can be shifted in portraits after the image is taken.

The company says that different focal lengths can be added and an default lens can be set-up.

The 3X telephoto camera boasts of a 72mm focal length. Moreover, the pro max version has an optical zoom of 5X and 120mm focal length.

The camera has a F 2.8 aperture and a 3D sensor shift for OIS -a first for any smartphone.

iPhone 15 Pro

The iPhone has a titanium build as it is one of the strongest metals. It too has a contoured edge with the thinnest borders till date.

iPhone Price

The iPhone 15 Pro is priced starting at ₹1,34,900, while the iPhone 15 Pro Max is priced starting at ₹1,59,900. Both the devices will be up for pre-orders starting from September 5 and will ship starting from September 22.

First unveil: Apple Watch

Apple Watch series 9 powered the S9 chip. It is 60% more efficient than previous variant. The company says that it has better machine learning task. The company claims that it will have double the brightness than Series 8.

The new Apple watch can be controlled with gestures now like a glance. Additionally, a cool feature is the double tap -- a gesture which can be configured for different tasks and which will help you control the watch with one hand.

The new neural engine allows better access to Siri. The company says that dictation on Series 9 is 25% faster.

Siri will now be available in English and Mandarin with more languages to follow.

The Watch OS 10 allows name drop with Apple watch. Moreover, access to health data on the Series 9 itself with the help of Siri.

The company says that it will offer better connectivity with ecosystem products like homepods with instant pop ups.

The watch will be available in a new pink aluminum and stainless steel cases.

Starting this year Apple watch manufacturers will have renewable energy. The Series 9 uses 100% recycled aluminum in watch cases. Moreover, it has 100% recycled cobalt in the battery and the sports loop is made of 82% recycled yarn.

There won't be any leather straps for Apple watch going forward. Apple has collaborated with fashion brand Hermes and introduced a 'knitted band'.

Apple Watch Ultra 2

Ultra 2 also features a S9 chip and has a precision finding feature. The watch has a night mode and boasts of a precision dual frequency GPS.

The company says that it is tested for all terrains and has up to 36 hours of battery in regular use which can be increased to 72 hours in low power mode.

Watch Price

The Apple Watch has been priced at $349 for Series 9 and $799 for Apple Watch Ultra 2.