Canva launches video editing suite with customisable templates, scene-based editing and more

Canva launches video editing suite with customisable templates, scene-based editing and more
Canva's video editing suite is free to use.Unsplash
  • The popular photo editing platform Canva now offers a video editing suite as well.
  • It’s a free to use platform with access to customisable templates, free tracks, backgrounds and more.
  • Canva Video also offers a built-in recorder for Chrome.
Canva, which recently became one of the world’s most valuable startups, has launched its own video suite. The popular online photo editing website is offering its video editing services for free on desktop and on mobile devices. It offers customisable templates as well as an extensive media library.

Like its photo editing platform, Canva offers a simplified platform for users to edit videos. It offers a scene-focused interface so you can break the video into different pieces. Canva plans on adding the trim tool soon, according to TechCrunch. There are different video templates available such as mobile video, YouTube ad, TikTok, Pinterest, and Facebook. You can also create a custom video template according to your preference. There’s a host of options in the media library with different backgrounds, audio tracks, and tools to add elements and text.

The interface is quite similar to the photo editing tools that Canva offers. There’s a paid version as well that gives access to 27,000 royalty-free tracks. Canva also lets you record videos from a Chrome tab, screen or camera. Since Canva Video is multiplayer, you can edit in the same scene-based editor without having to download or reupload the video. The idea behind Canva Video was to offer a simplified service for people to easily edit videos.

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"One of Canva's guiding principles is to make complex things simple, and our new Video Suite will allow everyone to unlock the power of video, whether that's to market their business, make engaging social posts, or express their creativity," Rob Kawalsky, head of product at Canva was quoted as saying by CNET.

Canva Video comes shortly after the company became one of the world’s most valuable startups after it raised $200 million last month. The company is also expected to reach a $1 billion annual revenue this year.



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