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Delete these 20 apps from your Android phone immediately

Delete these 20 apps from your Android phone immediately
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Google has recently removed the following apps that are popularly pursued by the android phone users. While these apps seem to have been downloaded more than 10 million times from Google Play Store, Quick Heal Security Lab’s Cyber Security wing has found out that these apps belong to the HiddAd category which hide their icons after first launch and automatically create a shortcut on the Home Screen so that the users will not be able to delete them from their phones. If you will launch these apps from the shortcut, they will display full screen ads on your phone screen. Some other apps of this list are Adware that get installed unknowingly when you visit some social media sites. So, it is highly recommended that you delete the following apps from your phone immediately.

1. Feel Camera HD

This is a photography app with user friendly features and many attractive options to work with photography. This app lets you bring in camera effects on to the photography you are editing. Many uses found this app pop up so many ads frequently.

2. Filter Photo Frame

This app lets you add some good looking photo frames to your images and make them stand out. The frequent ads that will bother you while working can be a nuisance.

3. Lens Flares

With this app, you can add a plethora of lighting effects on to your photographs. You can therefore enhance your images with the realistically designed lens flares. This app gets automatically downloaded when you visit some ad sites. The popping up ads can put you down.

4. Magic Effect

This photo editing tool lets you edit your photo quickly with some interesting and powerful magic effects. With this app, you can achieve a large number of photo effects. The users say full page ads disrupt your working too many times.

5. QR Code Scanner APK

When you just open this app and point the camera on a QR code, it can scan it instantly for a variety of applications. Too many unwanted ads popping up can steal your enthusiastic use of this app.

6. Photo Effect Pro

This app provides powerful and interesting tools to enhance your personal photos in interesting as well as funny ways. Some users reported that their phone was seen hanging while using this app and the app leads them to sponsored ad sites.

7. Art Filter

You can use this app to dramatically improve your art with a lot of customizable HD filters. You can access powerful cartoon effects and share your art with friends. If you are a digital art lover, this app is for you. However, be prepared to see a number of ads showing up while working.

8. Lie Detector Prank

This is a simulator app that works like a game. This game detects whether you are telling a lie or the truth. This is meant for some enjoyable fun time with friends. The frequent sponsor ads can ruin the fun of playing on this app.

9. New Hair Fashion

This is a kind of game that will turn you into a hair dresser to give vent to your hair styling aspirations. This app leads you to third party sites and works like an adware.

10. Smart Magnifier Pro

This app can turn your phone into a magnifying glass with features like LED flash, auto-focus and camera zoom. Even when you deselect the option, there could be too many app suggestions and ad suggestions bothering you.

11. Cut Cut Mix 2.0 APK

This is a popular cut paste application for photos that lets you create your own custom image by cutting and mixing several images. While you might enjoy working with this app, the big downside is the full size ads that will pop up frequently to irritate you.

12. Cut Cut Mix pro apk

This app lets you create amazing kind of collages by cutting and mixing pictures and then share them with your friends in a variety of formats. To support the free download, the app makers have chosen the route of popping up third party ads on your phone screen.

13. Galaxy Overlay

With this app, you can make your daily photos more interesting by mixing tools. Glitches while working and too many ads are negative reviews about this app.

14. Color Splash Photo Effect

This app lets you convert the color of your images from grey to others and vice versa. You can achieve a variety of color splash effects on your photos. If you do not want ads popping up all the time while using this app, this will not be your suitable pick.

15. Age Face – Make Me OLD

This app is a kind of face aging booth machine that will show a person how he or she will look in old age. The charm of this app is lost due to third party ads popping up time and again.

16. Photo Blur Editor

With the help of this app, you can create a range of miniature and blur effects with web graphics. This app is most likely to irritate you if you do not want to see full size ads flashing on the screen.

17. Blur Image DSLR Focus effect

This app lets you blur or un-blur your images selectively in order to manually focus on the subject well. Many users found this ad getting installed on their phones unasked. Links to third party sites bring in too many ads.

18. Super Magnifier Lite

With this app, you can magnify the objects in front of your phone. The other tools include flash light, zoom in and zoom out. The big downside to this app gathered from the user reviews is the links to sponsor sites and too many ads.

19. Qing Camera

This is a highly user friendly app that lets your phone work like a simple UX/UI selfie camera. This app shows up ads after every small operation which makes it a big nuisance. Some users say their inbuilt phone cameras are much better than this app.

20. Reflex Camera HD

With this app, you can click pictures with more resolution and better quality. If you look for uninterrupted working with your pictures, then the frequently popping up ads will thoroughly discourage you.