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Driving Value Through Unification of Digital Space & Operations- Srinivasan KA

Driving Value Through Unification of Digital Space & Operations- Srinivasan KA
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The shift from cable platforms to streaming is widely evident. And this shift is not just a passing trend but a transformation that is likely to last. With consumer preferences evolving, it's crucial for businesses to keep themselves updated with the latest technologies, and crucially innovate. These were the insights shared by Srinivasan KA, Chief Revenue Officer and co-founder of Amagi Corporation. He engaged in a discussion with Mark Aldrich, General Manager of the Media Entertainment Segment at AWS, in the SaaS Scions web series hosted by Business Insider India and AWS India. The conversation revolved around the significance of cloud technology, the ongoing transformation within the industry, and the evolving demand within the streaming space.

India has earned the moniker of being a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) powerhouse, and rightly so. Over the last few years, India has given rise to 15-17 SaaS unicorns. Srinivasan highlights that this success enables Indian companies to engage in global competition like never before. Unlike the past, significant capital, extensive local operations, or established relationships are not critical to penetrate the SaaS domain. Now, the essentials are talent and a keen comprehension of addressing global customers' challenges in distinctive ways. This, Srinivasan noted, was the key to thriving in the SaaS landscape.

Discussing the tech evolution over the decade and the deep integration of cloud tech at Amagi, Srinivasan noted that this shift has immensely benefited their operations. Back in the late 2000s, he adds, the first line of code written at Amagi was on the AWS Cloud. Their ability to swiftly experiment and adapt, even if some endeavours didn't succeed, has been pivotal for their success. This agility, he mentioned, is the result of aligning with the cloud's advancement trajectory. He further stated, "Our journey has paralleled the cloud's progression, with substantial contributions coming from AWS, driving a significant portion of cloud-based innovations."

Talking into streaming, Srinivasan underlined the presence and prospective growth of ad-supported models. He pointed out that numerous sizable publicly traded enterprises exhibit a significantly higher Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) for their ad-supported tiers compared to pure subscription tiers. Highlighting the financial benefits, he stated, "These blended models undeniably deliver superior Return on Investment (ROI) for content proprietors." Additionally, he anticipated a significant shift towards content no longer being bound by exclusivity, marking a substantial change in the streaming landscape.

Delving into the multitude of collaborations within the streaming domain, Srinivasan noted that this pattern is set to expand due to a heightened focus on cost-effectiveness. Network and content collaborators are increasingly integrating their broadcasting and digital streaming activities into a unified tech framework. This strategic shift aims to streamline operations and eliminate the perception of these businesses as separate entities, thereby fostering a cohesive approach to their management. Srinivasan emphasized the significance of partnerships as a means to establish a comprehensive platform – an all-encompassing end-to-end solution that caters seamlessly to customers' needs.

Examining the current priorities of content creators and owners, Srinivasan highlighted a dual transformation. At the forefront, consumers are transitioning from linear platforms to streaming services and from subscription-based models to advertising-driven ones. Simultaneously, the backend is undergoing transformation for streamlined scaling on the streaming front, cost-effectiveness, and the shift from conventional hardware to cloud infrastructure. The advent of cloud computing presents a shift in focus from obtaining customer data to optimizing its utilization to provide tailored solutions and enhanced experiences to consumers.

Srinivasan observed that businesses expand their content to global markets with minimal localization and now tap in to enhanced monetization opportunities. To address this challenge, Srinivasan noted their proactive engagement with clients. Their approach involves presenting diverse monetization models. In addition to strategic business consultations, Amagi is offering technology guidance to underscore the implications on the technology architecture.

The landscape of media and technology is undergoing a profound transformation, driven by the shift from traditional models to streaming. The insights shared by Srinivasan KA during his discussion with Mark Aldrich highlight the necessity for businesses to stay abreast of evolving consumer preferences and embrace cutting-edge technologies to remain competitive. India's emergence as a SaaS powerhouse with a significant number of unicorns illustrates the global potential of Indian companies, underpinned by talent and problem-solving prowess. The integration of cloud technology, as exemplified by Amagi's journey, underscores the role of adaptability and agility in navigating the evolving digital landscape. Furthermore, Srinivasan's observations regarding ad-supported models, collaborations, and the transition to cloud infrastructure highlight the industry's dynamic nature. The strategic interplay of technology, partnerships, and data optimization is shaping the way forward for media, content creation, and streaming services.

And adding another feather to India’s SaaS-innovation cap.

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